Speedy Procrastinator – five

Good evening!

I should have posted this earlier but I was distracting myself with job postings instead, wish me luck!
Today was a my second day of training and I can say that when I finished my workout I wish I had done more and gone a bit harder. I focused on my legs/lower body, here is a brief summary of what I did…

Quick Warm Up
5-10mins on the stepper


Squat bar (3reps of 10 20lbs)
Abductor/Adductor (3reps of 20 20lbs and 1rep of 20 30lbs – per inner and outer)
Leg Extension (3reps of 10 20lbs and 1rep of 10 30lbs)
Leg Press (3reps of 10 20lbs and 1rep of 10 30lbs)

Abs (reps of 40)

Bicycle Crunch
Crunches – straight up, left, right center, and elbow to knee (left and right)
Heels to the Heavens
This last one I can’t remember the name but essentially you sit with your back straight and feet raised as if to do a Bicycle Crunch. Do a rowing action extending your arms and legs in and out.

Finished this work out off with some foam rolling and stretching.


But then later today I started to get really sleepy and not very motivated. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take a nap before my evening class today so I braved it out and got a hot chocolate… only to fall asleep for an hour and a half when I got home. -.-

Lesson learned – Get more rest!

Here’s a helpful link to figure out what machine to use while at the gym to target your key muscles.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow is another training day, another 3K out of my 17K for this first week of training.

Good night!


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