Speedy Procrastinator – seven

Hola a todos,

Another day, another dollar. Or in this case another day of training! Today I focused on my upper body body, here is a brief summary of what I did…


Bicep Curls (2reps of 12 10lbs)
Overhead extension w/ Dumbbells (2reps of 12 10lbs)
Side and Forward Raise w/ Dumbbells (2reps of 12 10lbs *times 2 sideways and forward)
Horizontal Row w/ Dumbbells (2reps of 12 10lbs)
Shoulder Press (2reps of 12 10lbs)
Reverse Fly (2reps of 12 10lbs)

On the mat
Triceps Push Ups (This was really hard so I managed to do about 10ish I think)
Regular Pushups (1rep of 15)

Abs (reps of 40-50)

Bicycle Crunch
Crunches – straight up, left, right center, and elbow to knee (left and right)
Heels to the Heavens
This last one I can’t remember the name but essentially you sit with your back straight and feet raised as if to do a Bicycle Crunch. Do a rowing action extending your arms and legs in and out.
Leg Lifts w/ Exercise Ball
Oblique bench workout (I don’t know what this is called but you are standing on an angle, your thighs are on a bench. Then you drop your body to the side and using your abs pull yourself up again. You do this to both sides and front) – I will figure this one out! Haha.

Finished this work out off with some foam rolling and stretching.


That was it for today! I had a great dinner, which consisted out soup and a lot of noodles! Tomorrow is my rest day… for my body but not my mind. Wish me luck! Exam #1 starts tomorrow at 9am sharp!

Good night!


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