Speedy Procrastinator – fourteen

Salut mes amis!

As I’ve previously mentioned on my blog, I may fall behind but I will always catch up! Today marks that to a T or a C for catch. In lieu of yesterday’s work, study and exam schedule I wasn’t able to run my 4K 😦 So today was actually quite the whirwind because I worked out waaaaay harder and longer than I had planned to!

First things first, I went for a run along the beautiful Ottawa Canal. The weather was amazing! Warm temperatures, a light breeze, shining sun, dry paths. The only thing I could complain about is my calf muscle… I work up really early this morning because I had the WORST muscle spasm in the world. It lasted the rest of the day. But I toughed through it only to run further than 4km… I accidentally ran 7.35km in 42mins but I suppose that is actually pretty good time for a girl with a sore muscle!

Follow the link below to see the route I ran today!

There after I made my way back to the gym for a little water break and continued with my Wednesday routine of Lower Body Exercises… and I’ve just realized I forgot to foam roll today! NO! *Tac that on to tomorrow*


Squat bar (3reps of 10 20lbs)
Abductor/Adductor (1rep of 20 20lbs, 1rep of 20 30lbs, 1rep of 20 40lbs – per inner and outer)
Leg Extension (3reps of 20 20lbs and 1rep of 20 30lbs)
Leg Press (3reps of 20 20lbs and 1rep of 20 30lbs)

Abs (reps of 50)

Bicycle Crunch
Crunches – straight up, left, right center, and elbow to knee (left and right)
Heels to the Heavens
Medicine Ball Twists
I got a good oblique work out from a couple of other things I did as well.

Finished this work out off with some stretching.


And it doesn’t stop there folks! Like I said, today was a whirwind! I had promised my friend that I would go to Zumba class since I missed it last week. So I shook my booty with what grace I think I have and called it a day! Zumba is a great cardio work out, if you’re ever looking for something new and fun check it out! You will learn a lot of basic dance moves in the process!

For those of you residing in the Ottawa area there is a class each Wednesday at the University of Ottawa and it is FREE! It is taught by a great girl, who is also named Jasmine 🙂
Or if you have a large enough space to do it at home this video is really great! He will make you sweat!!

See you guys tomorrow, I need some ZZZzzzzZZZzzs!


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