Speedy Procrastinator – twenty-one pt2

Hey everyone!

As promised here is part two of today’s blog entry. As I mentioned in my video my boyfriend, Andy (http://heyimandy.tumblr.com/), went for a 15K run. I won’t lie, I was a little skeptical about running with him because I know he is much faster than I am. But I was actually able to keep up a couple of paces behind and we killed it! We ran downtown Toronto along Jarvis down towards the water near Queen’s Quay.
Considering the population, around 2.615 million (2011), we encountered a lot of people and a lot of construction. Mid run, factoring in the amount of delays we had and my slowish pace I felt like this run was going to take forever… I became a little disappointed because I felt like I wasn’t going to make good time. In my head I kept thinking, “I ran 14K in 1H30M last week, why am I so slow this week? It is only another km”. But by the end of the run I was pleasantly surprised because Andy and I crushed this run in 1H15M!! Even quicker than my 14K! Awesome, right?
As a reward, Andy and I went to Booster Juice and filled our bellies with protein and fruity goodness.

Mind Over Matcha with an Energy Boost!

Andy having a Booster with his main man!

Follow the link below to check out my route from today…

With my run coming up in a week here are some challenges I will have to face…

1) Blisters… I have two and they aren’t healing anytime soon.
But I found a good solution, Dr. Scholls has Blister Band Aids and they help to drain the blister of all the puss and gooey stuff. Similar to Moleskin but it’s a transparent band aid. http://www.drscholls.com/drscholls/products/BlisterTreatment.jspa#tab-link1

2) Finding a new shoe… Due to my nasty blisters I think it’s time to buy a completely new make of shoe. My Nikes are amazing but if the shoe is a similar shape then the blisters will get worse. A dumb move on my part but a girl can only carry so many pairs of shoes!

3) Creating a meal plan for the day before and day of the race… I am sure there are many people who have sensitive stomachs and I am one of them! So I have to figure what will digest well before running over 2hours.

That’s all for now guys! Have a great night!


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