Almost the end of a rainy week!

Happy Thursday!

I hope you all are have and or are having a great day! For those of you living in cities where the weather is sunny and warm… I envy you. Here in Ottawa it has been rainy, partially sunny, partially gloomy, warm, cold and HUMID! That description is too much of a mix for even me. But I suppose we need some spring rain to wash away the winter. I’m not sure about you guys, but I don’t mind running in the rain, it’s just getting outside is the part that I struggle with. I am an avid believer that rainy days should consist of a never ending mug of tea, comfortable clothes and a preferred indoor activity. Despite my lazy habit, this week I have been outside and active both Tuesday and Wednesday [aiming for tonight as well].
Tuesday, I was invited to play soccer with a team I’ve been with the past two summers. You may ask why I was ‘invited to play’, well at the beginning of the summer I wasn’t sure if I would be staying in Ottawa all summer because of my employment was not secure. But I was to find out later that I was to stay in Ottawa… missing the soccer registration date. Oh well! I see it as more time for running and sporadic soccer games. The field we played at was wet, muddy, and sandy; definition of a fun and not so clean game. It’s funny how out of all the sports I have tried when I was younger I always found soccer to be the hardest on my body. For me it is because it’s one of the few sports I am vocally competitive and always aware of the play. I found a bit more passion in soccer than I did basketball or volleyball. I always run my hardest and use my strength and quick wit to outsmart the other team. This particular game was the first game I’ve played since last year so I am STILL sore, haha. But it was great fun and I look forward to more soccer games this summer.



Wednesday, I decided it was time to go for a run exceeding 5K. Since my half marathon I’ve only run 8K once [last week] so I need to get back on track as I will be mapping out some upcoming races this weekend. But this run was good. I was having some stomach issues as I’ve been consuming more milk than usual and I’ve been super good this week… since Monday, no sweets! Wooo!  I felt like my breathing was steady and not over worked. But because of my stomach I had a few walking periods of a minute or less and continued running until I need that minute of walking. After this run, I headed home and what was I to receive? A bowl of soup ready for me courtesy of my landlord! It was very nice of her to think of me and it was a great bowl of soup! I will have to return the favour with cookies or something. Once I was done my soup and let my stomach rest, I finished my night with abs. Good idea or bad idea, I haven’t decided because my obliques are pretty sore, lol.


If you would like to check out my route from last night follow the link below!

Tonight I think, weather permitting I will run a 5K to wrap up the week as I will be relaxing (trip and race planning), drinking (wine with relax time/open wedding bar) and dancing (showing up bridesmaid with my sick moves) this weekend.

Look for my next post tonight!


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