BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – Fitness with Savings

Hi everyone,

As per my capitalized lettering, I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I’ve decided to start up a new page to my blog pertaining to a different subject in order to keep me blogging and to keep you all reading. So I would like to announce the debut of my new page which can be accessed both on Tumblr ( and WordPress ( under the “Lifestyle” page…

Fitness with Savings: a blog dedicated to fitness and saving money


On this page I will share tricks of the frugal trade of keeping in shape and saving a few dollars at the same time. There are tons of hidden gems of work out routines, free/inexpensive classes and various ways to keep your body moving. It will take a lot of research so any information you have to help would be much appreciated and followed with kred! A lot of my posts will concern the Ottawa and Toronto area as I travel regularly between the two. Each city will be categorized in an orderly fashion so you, the readers, don’t have to mull through it all.

Why did I come up with this idea?

Coming from a do it yourself family, I’ve always tried to find ways to cut corners and save my pennies. If I am able to keep things DIY, I will. In addition, ever since I started living on my own I’ve utilized exercise as a hobby because living in a city alone can get quite… well it can get quite lonely. So I’ve found exercise to be a great way to spend my time, to meet and talk with new people and be happy amongst strangers. Whether you are surrounded by family and friends or new to the city this blog can be useful to you. I say that because as fitness has become more popular in our culture so has health and clean eating. I plan on including healthy recipes that will save a couple of dollars when you think of buying your next box of Belvita or Luna bars. Eating healthy can get expensive, but with a little research I plan on informing myself and all of you on how to save your money on work outs, classes and at the grocery store. Then by the end of it you will have vacation money burning a hole in your pocket


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(Please note a few of these social media tools are set to private, just send me a request and we can be friends!)
For those of you who have continued to follow my blog Run It, I encourage you to continue. I plan on signing up for another half marathon hopefully later in the year and I would love to share my improvements with you all! Along with that I will participate in shorter races such as the Colour Vibe 5K and other races now that I have gotten some of my friends into running.


About jasminglaw

Half Marathoner trying to put a few more races under her belt before taking on a full marathon. I avidly research different running products/gear and articles pertaining to the joy of running. I also enjoy traveling, reading, languages, and good food!
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