The Challengers – Last week May 28th – 31st

The clean eating challenge is on! Boyfriend vs Girlfriend! Who will slip up? Check in with us each week.

To give you all some insight, we started doing this shortly after we returned from our trip to New Orleans, LA. As amazing as New Orleans was… the food was phenomenal! So phenomenal all we did was walk, eat, shop, eat, drink, eat… but that is what vacations are for, right?

Andy and I decided that the best way to ensure that we eat health all the time was to do it together. However, given that we aren’t living in the same city some incentive had to be provided. That was when we decided to pick a food and allow only one slip up until the weekend. While the rest of the week we still have to consume healthy food.

Follow our successes and fails as we attempt to maintain a healthy life style during the week and piglet out on weekends together. Each week we will set up a different challenge for one another. Hopefully it will get interesting.

Featuring Andy Wood (


Week 1: Only 1 coffee or latte aloud until the weekend. [May 28th -31st]


Andy, being the early riser always needs to have a nice cup of coffee to get his creative mind going. Milk, no sugar. He couldn’t even have a cold coffee. This would prove to be a challenge for Andy as we decided to start the coffee/latte challenge Tuesday. He caved and had a coffee the first day in, but came out successful and full of enthusiasm by the weekend when he would get to finally get his fix.

Jasmin, being the tea drinker is usually set for the morning until 10am rolls round. This is when she will make her visit to Starbucks to get her Tall, Non Fat, Extra Hot, Tazo Chai… that’s a mouth full eh? Her challenge was to lay off the lattes… However she had her down fall when the ruthless cause of hunger struck, boredom. Usually when you are bored you stuff your face and then think about what you just ate and realized it was a bad choice. It was exactly what happened. Mr, Noodles is never a good choice. This snack selection eliminated her latte for the week! Surprisingly enough, she was able to plough through the drowsy mornings with hot tea, iced tea and water.

Score: 1 – 1

We kicked off June in the park, Starbucks in hand, and our blind dog, Pantelis, running circles around us… literally. Andy strapped the GoPro to Pantelis to make a video of his dog adventure. I will post this once it has been edited! It’s actually so cool to be at a dog’s view… and an even different perspective considering he is blind.

Andy and I sitting in the park with our dog Pantelis sipping on Starbucks.

Andy and I sitting in the park with our dog Pantelis sipping on Starbucks.

Pantelis enjoying his Grande Iced Coffee with Milk

Pantelis enjoying his Grande Iced Coffee with Milk

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