The Challengers – June 3rd – 7th

Hello everyone!

Andy and I just wrapped up last weeks edition of the Challengers and it was a good one! This past week we were only aloud ONE bread product. No sliced bread, no bagels, no pita, no wraps… nada! Carbs are great but they can be gained through other foods such as pasta, rice etc. The problem with this challenge was that, Jasmin LOVES bread and Andy loves himself a good sandwich… here’s a little break down of our week.


Jasmin, is the bread lover of this couple. She can eat, bake, and admire a good artisan loaf of bread. So this challenge would prove to be difficult. Tuesday night she decided that the last slice of bagel in the bag looked kind of lonely and could make friends with half an avocado and a fried egg! They made GREAT friends… in her belly. Luckily Jasmin had a few tricks up her sleeve; bread substitutions. If she wanted to eat peanut butter and jelly, rice cake. If she wanted to eat a fried egg, lettuce wrap. If she wanted Naan bread and hummus, carrots. It was a great process and she made it to the end of the week having only eaten her half bagel with avocado and a fried egg. In a loaf… a success!

Jasmin's last meal

Jasmin’s last meal

Andy, will always eat healthy no matter what unless Jasmin is around to suggest other wise. For this challenge he didn’t think that he would struggle too badly… but oh was that a dream! By Wednesday Andy decided, to indulge on his alloted bread product, which was a sub from Subway. After that continued on with his week. He was doing really well until Friday rolled around and with the help of friends/beer he failed this challenge! Friday evening he went for beers and dinner with his friends, thinking it was already the weekend… sorry Cinderella, it wasn’t midnight yet! A Chicken Avocado Club sandwich broke his determination without even realizing until Jasmin called him out on it. Thus crowning Jasmin this week’s winner!!

Andy's last meal

Andy’s last meal

Failure never tasted so good!

Failure never tasted so good!

Score: 2-1

Baking Sourdough Bread

Baking Sourdough Bread

Our bread meal together!

Our bread meal together!

Be sure to read next Sunday as our challenge will shy away from food and turn to running. We each have to run 40K this week, which is actually not that much. However, we have said that we will not tell one another how far we have run in a subchallege to see who actually ran the MOST! The person who ran the least will have to donate to the vacation fund; dollar amount has not been determined. If you like these posts let’s have YOU decide! Leave a comment below with a dollar amount that will be donated by the end of the week by the loser!


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