The Challengers – Week 9-14 June

As previously mentioned last week Andy and I would undergo a fitness challenge instead of a food challenge. What was the challenge? Run 40k in a week… the twist, whoever ran the furthest would have to donate an undecided amount of money to the vacation fund.

In our last post we asked you, the reader to suggest a dollar amount for the loser to donate. We haven’t received feedback, so please comment below and the loser will donate that amount Monday!

Here’s a breakdown of each of our weeks…

Andy, the avid gym goer had to fit 40k into an already tight schedule. On his plate he had work 8h00-16H00 Monday to Friday, Pantelis (the pup) to take care of, deadlines for video treatments and a social life to maintain. The challenge week started on Sunday to accommodate the person traveling to Toronto or Ottawa because Friday is a work/travel day. Therefore Andy planned his week Monday to Friday, leaving Sunday as a clean up and relax type day. However he could have gained from this day had he gone running…

Rainy day running boy

Rainy day run

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Run 11k
Tuesday: Weights
Wednesday: Run 16k
Thursday: Weights
Friday: Run 11k

He did not meet the 40k requirement but did accomplish 38k.

Jasmin, the girl who goes crazy if she’s inside for too long always makes a point of getting outside; even if its just for a walk. The only time you will find her in a gym is during the winter when the ground is covered in snow. You would think that this challenge would be a spring breeze for her… Haha! By the time she was 3.5k away from her goal, she hit a wall and had to walk the last few KM. What had happened was, she began the challenge late on Sunday because she knew she would loose Friday traveling to Toronto. After Wednesday’s run she had 36.5k underway and she planned to run at least another 7k Thursday… Unfortunately, her legs were not having any of it! She woke up late for work Thursday morning and fell getting out of bed because her legs gave out; I guess her legs didn’t want to go to work either!

Rainy running girl

Rainy running girl

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Run 11k
Tuesday: Weights
Wednesday: Run 16k
Thursday: Weights
Friday: Run 11k

This week’s winner is Jasmin!!
Andy, this week’s loser will donate an undecided dollar amount to the vacation fund. Please leave a comment below with the donation amount you deem suitable!

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading! Check us out next week as we take on another eating challenge that takes the form of a deliciously, green Mexican fruit; the avocado. Hasta luego!

A and J

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Half Marathoner trying to put a few more races under her belt before taking on a full marathon. I avidly research different running products/gear and articles pertaining to the joy of running. I also enjoy traveling, reading, languages, and good food!
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