Tortoise Training (June 24th – July 1st)

Hi everyone,

In an effort to avoid bombarding you all with posts every other day, I’ve decided to track my training create a post that would summarize my week. As a result these post may be longer, however I will clearly label each portion as the week progresses throughout the post.

Let’s throw it back to Monday June 24th!

Monday – Rest/Walk
The beginning of a week and the beginning of a cold! I started my week in poor health with a cold that had me imitating Pantelis (the pup) by sneezing every five minutes. However, most of you will know that I cannot stand being stuck inside. So I took advantage of the nice weather and completed map one of “The Challengers”. Below is the route I walked.

Italy, 'the boot' - The Challengers

Italy, ‘the boot’ – The Challengers

Tuesday – Short Run
Today I felt a bit better but unfortunately I was still sniffling, but that obviously wouldn’t hold me back from a day of training. So I set out on my 5K route to get that under my belt and start up my training. The awesome thing about this run was that it was stinking hot and it made me focus more on my form. I find when it is hot out I usually focus on that, but I decided to distract myself; my form being the distraction. I tried to keep a straight back, look up/ahead, hips straight and chin up. I ended up keeping up this form until the end without any walking breaks; finishing in 30min 09sec. I felt really good and really sweaty. Well hey, it’s summer right?
For those of you who are unsure about your form, I found this image on Pinterest. Check it out and focus on your form because it can only get better!

Wednesday – Legs and Core
With my cold continuing I had been checking on the weather more often than usual and the forecast predicted rain, rain and more rain. So naturally, I left my gym clothes at home because I didn’t think there would be any outdoor yoga… HA! It ended up being a beautiful day and I was rather disappointed that I was unable to go to yoga on Parliament Hill. But later that evening I first rested up and then dived into legs and abs.
I started my circuit with some generic cardio such as running on the spot, high knees, and mixed in the leg portion with squats, squat jumping jacks and side lunges. There after I went to into my regular ab routine. I felt good and eventually I got over the fact that I didn’t go to yoga because I put too much trust in the weather forecast.

Thursday – Short Run
To intertwine with Tuesday, Thursday I decided that a nice 5K would be nice to prep me for my long run on the weekend. But the thing I didn’t consider was my recovery time from Wednesday night’s legs exercises… especially the squat jumping jacks -.-
Unfortunately, I had some trouble keeping up my endurance levels; due to my glute and inner thigh pains. But I finished it and I will be smarter next week!

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Weekend at the cottage

Sunday – Weekend at the cottage (No Long Run)
Despite the fact I didn’t go running on Sunday I did participate in physical activity! My boyfriend, Andy, has been wakeboarding for years and we held a Canada Day party with a bunch of friends. Wakeboarding being one of the activities other than eating and drinking. For Sunday, I took my chances and tried out wakingboarding. It was awesome to be in the water and out in the sun. But the thing that wasn’t so awesome was wiping out in the water and hanging onto a rope for dear life! Haha, but it was fun and I recommend it to anyone who loves being out on a boat or in the water! The only down side is that you are zonked (tired) for the remainder of the day. Hence why I wasn’t able to fit my long run in on this day.

Monday – Long Run
For training completion purposes I will include today… CANADA DAY, in this week’s post!

Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

Firstly, Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians 🙂 Secondly, since today was a holiday Monday it seemed fitting to complete my long run today as oppose to skipping it all together. I painfully pushed myself to run 8.56km after receiving a beating from the waves of the Mississippi the day before. I’ve noticed that since my first half marathon my longer runs have gotten to be a bit slower… however my endurance was awesome today! I made myself run a full 30mins, walk 2mins and run the last 20mins. As sore and as tired as I was, I can honestly say I’m glad that I pushed myself a little bit further and I think that you don’t make progress without push.

That’s all for Tortoise Training this week, but I’ll be back… hopefully Sunday instead of Monday next week logging my personal progress. If you would like to see my routes, as always, follow this link to my MapMyRun profile.

Have a great Canada Day and or Monday night!


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