Tortoise Training – July 2nd – 8th


I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did! This past weekend I celebrated my best friend’s Bridal Shower; she is getting married in October. For this, I had to travel back home to Hamilton, ON… thus moving my scheduled long run to Monday. But I still completed the week! Below is a short breakdown of my training last week.

I talked about this day in my last post because again I had to extend training due to travel, “I painfully pushed myself to run 8.56km after receiving a beating from the waves of the Mississippi the day before”. I knew this week would be rough because of wake boarding and long weekend activities.

Tuesday – Short Run
I was still in a little bit of pain from wake boarding but it was honestly it was worth it!! Here a is a photo of me cruising the Mississippi.

Jazz on the wake boarding.

Jazz on the wake board.

Andy and Jazz on the lake

Andy and Jazz on the lake

To say the least, my 5.6k was a little slow and I felt kind of heavy. The only thing that bothers me about this is that I can be lazy, heavy and slow and still finish in the same time as a decent run. So I am thinking I need to get my energy levels up a bit more so that I am more willing to push myself a little further, a little faster.

Wednesday – Rest Day
As it is in my nature to be continuously active I went to Yoga on Parliament Hill during my lunch break to unwind and enjoy the nice weather. That being my second time as a ‘yogi’, I found the poses easier to determine… however I never realized how much you work your arms! I felt like I just finished up a weight session at the gym!

Healthy Lunch!

Healthy Lunch!

Thursday – Short Run
Today I ran a 5.6k and all was going well until I was almost hit by a truck! Runners be aware of your surroundings! Where I usually jog is in a residential area, but that doesn’t mean people drive leisurely. My run started out kind of slow, uninspiring. But then I noticed I had been actually running quicker than usual so I used that extra ummmff to sprint the home stretch! However, the home stretch was interrupted by a speeding truck and it took some of my time to give the driver a disapproving look, acknowledge the driver’s apology and sprint the rest home. I capped this run off in 33mins.

Friday – Travel Day

Saturday – Rest Day
This isn’t training related, but it was my best friend’s Bridal Shower and I couldn’t be more excited for her!

Meg and I at her Bridal Shower

Meg and I at her Bridal Shower

Sunday – Long Run turned into a Long Travel Day

Monday – Rest Day turned into a Long Run Day
I started today with little to no appetite, but rather an intense thirst! I drank just under two litres of water today. By the time I went to run I was comfortably hydrated and ready to go. I put in a 10.05K run with a time of 1H07. Not my best time but pretty good considering the heat!

That is all I’ve got for now and as always check out my MapMyRun Profile for my routes, distances and times.


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