Tortoise Training – July 9th – 14th

Hellllllo Ladies and Gents,

I’d like to commence this post and an extremely enthusiastic note because this week has been quite the week for me! This week I changed up my hydration routine, as opposed to drinking when I’m thirsty during the day, before and after a run. I’ve been drinking 64oz of water per day. Given that this is only the recommended amount of water to drink, I feel great! I’ve gained more energy… but I’ve had to pee a lot more haha. It’s been awesome, I’m hydrated and I’m flushing out my system at the same time. I suggest this to anyone who has the time to measure how much water they drink and are always within the vicinity of a washroom.

On to training this past week, I increased my distances by either .50km or 1km/run. Read below to see how I did!

Tuesday – Short Run – 6.01km – 37mins48secs
This evening I ran 6km in 37mins48secs, an additional .50km from last week. I don’t want to increase my short runs because these runs are meant to be just that. I find during the week I am at my busiest, so instead of jumping to 10km I think a short distance is perfect for the working person.
This run kicked off the awesomeness that was my week because my calves felt NO PAIN! Wooohoo! I was beyond happy when I arrived back at my apartment feeling like my legs could do another 6km. How did this happen? Well, as many of you know any sport, especially running is a mental sport. You need to know how to listen to your body, be aware of your surroundings, control your form and more importantly keep your mind positive. If you mind is just focusing on the negative factors, then the negative factors will affect you more. Keep a clear positive mind and you will improve immensely.

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – Short Run – 6.01km – 35mins06secs
Tying up my laces after a rest day can always be a challenge. Yesterday I had planned to go to Yoga at noon… it rained; I had planned to go to Zumba… it was cancelled. So Wednesday’s turn of events were not helpful in donning me with a light ‘rest day’ work out. When I got home from work, I felt kind of drained from starring at the computer screen all day. Some people might view a desk job as appealing but it really isn’t. When you are tired, you are really tired; when you are hungry, you eat anything; when you want to go outside, you debate for 10mins if it’s worth it or not. Luckily, I haven’t been affected that badly but when I get home a power nap is always beneficial for your eyes and brain to get everything back into focus. Despite the fact that I felt like I could sleep all night, I woke up from my nap to get my 6km run in. I started this run with a, ‘it’s a training day’, mentality – not overly enthusiastic. However, when I started to run I thought about how motivated I felt Tuesday and how my calves weren’t tight; I wanted this feeling again. During my run I made myself think of different things going on in my life, plans for the weekend, potential races, vacation etc. This really helped me in avoiding the reality of running 6km and not sleeping in my bed… and you know what? It helped a whole lot more than I expected! I crushed Tuesday’s record with my high endurance levels and wicked time; I ran this full route in 35mins06secs! I know it’s not amazing for most runners but I felt proud that from Tuesday to Thursday I shed 2mins off my 6km run. If I can do that… heck I might be able to shed 2 mins off my 5km and get my goal of 28min PR. 🙂

Friday – Rest/Travel Day

Saturday – Rest Day/Beach Day
This weekend my boyfriend, Andy, came to Ottawa for Hope Beach Volleyball. I had never been and it was unreal! This yearly event raises money for six different charities such as the Boys and Girls Club Ottawa, Make a Wish Foundation, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, the Lung Association, Ottawa’s Children’s Treatment Foundation and the Distress Centre. Judging by the volume of people who came to play volleyball, volunteer, organize events, watch concerts, provide sponsorship dollars… those foundations received some pretty pennies!

Andy watching the Arkells at Hope Beach Volleyball

Andy watching the Arkells at Hope Beach Volleyball

Sunday – Long Run – 11.02km – 1hr12mins50secs

Warm weather!

Warm weather!

Today was a hot one!! When I started my run it was about 19:30 and it was still 38degrees out. All in all it was an unreal, sweaty run. I was weary that I wouldn’t do as well because I had been out in the sun or in the water all weekend. But some how my legs made it through! Also, I found by the end of this run I didn’t want anything to do with my protein shake. But instead I was craving electrolytes. My assumption is that I was sweating out a lot the sodium or potassium in my body and it needed to refuel. I’ve provided some links on this subject below.

If you will all excuse me, I’m going to enjoy my Powerade, refuel, shower and do it all over again this week!!


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