The Challengers – July 8th – July 12th

Good morning all!

I realized that in last week’s post we never mentioned what we were planning on doing this week… that would be because we had no idea!! Haha, but we came up with something… nothing terribly exciting; but extremely hydrated. We were each trying to think of a nutrition challenge this week but there are somethings you kind of need to keep in a diet. So we decided that we would try to drink the daily recommended amount of water per day; which is 64oz or 1.89lt. Let me tell you, it was bladder filling!

We each found this challenge to be quite easy so we aren’t going to provide a breakdown of each others week rather the benefits we found we received from doing this challenge.

Andy, drinking the recommended daily water intake made me feel more alert and energetic when it came to going to the gym or running. It definitely increased my sweat levels. Was it difficult? I wouldn’t say it was difficult but with a busy a lifestyle it’s very easy to lose track and your train of thought of keeping yourself properly hydrated which is very important for those who do physical activity on a regular basis. Now that the challenge is complete I’d like to continue to make it an on going challenge to try and always meet my daily recommendation of water as I will only benefit physically and mentally. After all the average adult’s body on average is 50-65% water.

Jasmin, I found my mornings to start a bit more swiftly. Waking up early to go work in an office can prove to be difficult when you aren’t particularly a morning person or a coffee drinker. Most mornings I find myself with my eyes fluttering, starring at the computer screen. It makes my days feel like weeks. But this week I found that drinking 64oz of water per day helped wake me up! I felt like I was more productive, more alert and my days zoomed by! In addition, when I went running, I found my endurance had increased and I was able to run further, faster and I felt stronger.

After finishing this challenge, we decided that there would be no winner; but a tie. However, there should always be a winner, so we picked a charity to donate to that supports clean water for communities. I suppose in the end we both win because being able to help or even provide something small to a person in need can be fulfilling. The charity we picked was The Water Project, for more information follow this link

Come back next week and see the results of our next challenge, “Individual PR for a 5k”.

Have a great Monday!

A and J

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