The Challengers – July 15th – 19th

We hope you all had a great weekend! We know we did!

This past week Andy and I decided to take on the quickest 5k time challenge. The only problem was that we had to set some guidelines considering we are of different genders, weight, muscle mass etc. so we decided that we each had to beat our current PR for a 5k. Whoever shaved off the most time would be the winner of this week’s challenge.

Here is a breakdown of our challenge we undertook this past week…

Andy’s quickest 5k is 21mins57secs. So this week he was determined to beat it. Throughout grade school and high school, Andy played soccer and maintained a midfield position with a Rep team. During college he would go for runs with his cousin and now he hits the gym and has gotten back into running. Need less to say, this boy has wheels! His first run he ran 5k in 21mins59secs and his second run he did it in 22mins. Both are amazing times and Jasmin was completely envious.

You can see Andy’s progress via Andy’s Nike+ profile.

Jasmin’s quickest 5k is about the 28min mark and her usual time is about 30mins. She was aiming to run this within 27mins. A realistic but challenging goal. The only problem that Jasmin encountered was working in her half marathon training, this week she had two shorter runs that consisted of 6.5k each. She thought that she would be able to run the 5k, track her time and then continue on with the rest of the run. However this was a difficult task. She ended up running two 5k routes. The first time was 28mins57secs and the second run was 27mins50secs.

After some deep discussion it was decided that the winner would be the person who shaved off the most time from there PR for a 5k… Which was Jasmin, but they both decided to call it a tie as Andy’s time was amazing and Jasmin showed improvement. Win, win.

the_challengers4-2Also, as previously mentioned in last week’s blog… For the water challenge we had no winner since we each were capable of fitting 64oz in our day. So we donated 23$ to the Water Project on behalf of Run It. If you would like more information on this initiative please follow this link…
Another great cause Andy and I are raising money for is the Canadian Cancer Society and we need YOUR help to raise at least 200$ before October 20th 2013. This donation page had been created through our online profile for the ScotiaBank Water Front Half Marathon. If you can’t donate money, why not donate your time. This event and many other similar to it are always looking for volunteers!!

Come back next week and see who wins the Pedometer Challenge. We have each chosen 2 days this week to wear a pedometer ALL day. Who walks the most? We will find out!

Thanks for reading this weeks post and have awesome week!!

A and J

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