Tortoise Training – July 15th – 22nd

Hi everyone,

This past week I don’t feel like I did anything special or out of the ordinary. However I think I did get faster. My boyfriend, Andy and I did a 5k challenge last week to see who could beat their PB. So in that sense I did find that I gained some momentum, but it really showed when I ran my long run on Monday. Here is a break down of my week!

Monday – Rest Day
This was a HOT start to the week and the heat did show any signs of cooling.

Tuesday – Short Run 6.6k/Yoga
Today my friend and I were comitted to go to Yoga at City Hall, however temperatures were reaching 40c. Lucky for us, they moved the Yoga indoors and we wouldn’t melt like popsicles. We participated in approximately 30-40 mins of the class. It was a great break from the office, but all my friend wanted to do after was sleep! Haha.
Later in the evening, I knew it was training day and that despite the heat I was going to run my 6.6k. I waited until 19:30 before heading out and it was still about 38c outsite. Needless to say there were many buckets full of sweat. As I mentioned above or maybe you had read this in the latest post from The Challengers, Andy and I were trying to get in our best 5k time this week. Silly me, thought that I could run the 5k and then continue on with the rest of my run… but that backfired on me both runs! When your mind is set on a specific distance and time it will forget about the rest of the distance home. I completed this run in 40mins27secs.

Wednesday – Rest Day/Yoga
Another sweltering day in the Nation’s Capital and I was in the middle of Parliament Hill sweating from just about every pore in my body. I thought I would be good to go through with the entire class but I decided that half an hour was enough.

Thursday – Short Run 6.6k
Today was a cool, rainy run; which can be refreshing and difficult. I usually find that when it rains it is easier to breath and you aren’t as hot as you would be during a nice sunny run… and I tend to run faster when I know there is a hot shower waiting for me at the end of my run. I had the exact same route as Tuesday and same 5k goal and 6.6k expectation. I completed the 5k portion in 27mins50secs and the 6.6k as a whole in 38mins30secs. Not my best time but the 5k wore me right out.

Friday – Rest/Travel Day

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Rest/Travel Day

Monday – Long Run – 12.34k
This past weekend I was in Hamilton visiting my family. It was really nice to take the time to relax, stuff my face and play with dogs! But I knew when I returned Monday it would be time to get back into training. I had taken a late train last night only to be further delay and when I finally got home it was after midnight and I had work the next day. An awesome start to my week. However, I was determined to enjoy my 12k run so I sucked it up, worked 8-5, took a 20min nap and got on my way. I knew that I would have trouble staying in my head and keeping a clear mind; so I cheated and listened to music. Usually I against listening to music while running, but I needed something to focus on while running. It really helped as I had put away my iPod for about two months. I was able to focus on the words rather than how far I was running. Because of that, I crushed my 12.34k in 1hr13mins41secs ! A PB !

And now it’s Tuesday and a new training week. I hope you enjoyed this quick post and I will leave you with a quick blurb from an article I read about the 95 year old record setter, Orville Rogers.
orville_rogers_500Orville Rogers’ 5 Rules for Running Forever

  1. As far as training goes, listen to your body. Don’t go too fast or too far.
  2. When you’re upping your training, increase your speed or distance, not both. If you overtrain, you risk your next competition.
  3. Look at the records and then make a goal for yourself that you think you can do.
  4. Visualize, and when you visualize, picture yourself breaking those records.
  5. Never give up.
    …Oh yeah—and stretch.

Thanks for reading!


PS… Andy and I are raising money for is the Canadian Cancer Society and we need YOUR help to raise at least 200$ before October 20th 2013. This donation page had been created through our online profile for the ScotiaBank Water Front Half Marathon. If you can’t donate money, why not donate your time. This event and many other similar to it are always looking for volunteers!!

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