Tortoise Training – July 23rd – 28th

Bonjour à tous!

Cette semaine j’ai noté que je ne practique presque jamais mon français et ce fait est un dommage. Donc un petit partie de ce poste va être en français avec des traductions 🙂
– this week I’ve started to realize that I rarely practice my French and it’s unfortunate because my education was not cheap! So a small portion of this post will be in French… Don’t worry I will include translations!

This week of training I bumped my distances up by either .5k or 1k. My two shorter runs measured out to be 7.21k each and my long run, 13k. This week gave me learning curve that I definitely paid for during my first short run and I was actually able to use that towards my second short run. I was very happy with the weather this past week as the temperatures weren’t sweltering and I was able to fully take control of my run.

Monday – Last week’s long run 12k

Tuesday – Short Run – 7.21k
Today I was a bit conflicted because all through out the day the weather gods were commanding that rain pour down. But the reason I was conflicted was because it was a gorgeous day, and then before 7pm it started to thunder shower. Now for runners who run on a regular basis and maintain a training schedule, you can understand my frustration. Donc, le fait que chaque mardi je cours, j’avais aucune idée de quoi de faire en place d’un circuit. – Since I always run on Tuesdays I had no idea what to do… – After a while I decided to make dinner and just watch Dexter for the rest of the night. Until I went to look outside to find the rain had stopped and it was a perfect evening for running. However, I had just made turkey bacon and eggs… Out of hunger, stupidity and excitement to run I ate the turkey bacon, changed and ran out the door. Worst idea ever. Mid run I developed cramps and had to slow down to get rid of them. Needless to say this was the opposite of a productive run and I slugged my way home …

Wednesday – Rest Day/Yoga
Habituellement, pendant mon lunch, j’essaie de prendre advantage et de depenser la moité de l’heure en dehors. Chaque mercredi, je vais a yoga chez Colline du Parlement. Aujourd’hui, j’ai pris un demi heure de mon lunch pour le yoga. La temperature était parfaite et il y avait d’un peu du vent… je n’ai pas sué.
During my lunch hour I take full advantage and try to spend as much time outside as I can. Usually on Wednesdays I will go to yoga on Parliament Hill. Today I partook in a half hour of yoga, it was a cooler temperature with a breeze; no sweating!

Eat your greens!

Eat your greens!

Thursday – Short Run – 7.21k
After Tuesday I was determined to make this a better run. And I did. I follow my new routine of after work running. I get home, eat one rice cake with peanut butter and jam, take 15-20min power nap and get ready to go. I’ve found that this helps me out a lot as I’m not able to eat full meals before a run.

Pre run snack!

Pre run snack!

With that I crushed this run in… And when I got home I attempted to enjoy a smoothie with the last of my fruits… But I had a horrific blender mishap. Such a shame.

Blender disaster -.-

Blender disaster -.-

Friday – Rest/Travel Day

Saturday – Rest/Eating Day

Sunday – Long Run – 13k
I’ve been in Toronto since Friday night and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go running with Andy. Reason for this is because the last few times we went running together I became really discouraged by how terrible of a performance I gave. My calves would get really tight, I would need to slow down and sometimes even walk. On top of all of that I would complain. I wouldn’t strive to be better I would massage my muscles try and run again… Walk then complain. A really unattractive thing to do both in a relationship or running group. But Andy convinced me that I’ve gotten a lot better and that my calves haven’t bothered me for awhile, so we went for the run and I crushed 3 PBs!! 5k in 26mins, 10k in 54mins and 12k in 1h08mins. I was ecstatic!
Despite the fact that Andy makes me run for the money, so to speak, he was patient and ran with me for most of the 13k to make me feel like I wasn’t just slugging along and getting discouraged. It was a great run! Now we are both currently at G for Gelato in Toronto, sipping on cool drinks, blogging and in recovery mode.

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Thanks again  for reading and I will leave you all with a cute dog video! Please enjoy the video skills of the blind pooch, Pantelis ! Blind GoPro Perspective of Dog



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