Fitness with Savings – July 31st

Good evening everyone,

It’s Wednesday night… almost Friday! I cannot wait and I don’t mean to rub this in anyone’s face but, thank god for Civic Holidays! No work Monday and I get some extra time with my family this weekend. Enough of that, on to this week’s Fitness with Savings post!

I was listening to the CBC Ottawa Morning, last week while getting ready for work and I heard something that touched my interest in fitness and my aboriginal culture. Monica Ethier is a volunteer at Ottawa’s Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health and she teaches Pow Wow Pump; a high cardio dance class.

Pow Wow Pump Instructor Monica Ethier - "No experience required, just a desire to stay active and to have fun!"

Pow Wow Pump Instructor Monica Ethier – “No experience required, just a desire to stay active and to have fun!”

For those of you who have never been to a Pow Wow, but have always wanted to go, I would definitely recommend this class. Generally these traditional dances are performed around a drum circle, with a large amount of dancers dressed in regalia. Monica Ethier has taken the Aboriginal Pow Wow dance style and made it more accessible to those who have never danced or experienced traditional Aboriginal dance styles before. With this, she incorporated the use of cardio and muscle strength to make it a work out. To get an idea of how this work out is performed, check out this clip from CTV Ottawa Morning.

Personally, when I first got word of this class I was excited and also disappointed as it was almost 7:30am on a Thursday. But, I will ensure that I make it to one of these classes because there are only so many Pow Wows through out the year and I love a good Round Dance!

Pikwakanagan Annual Pow Wow August 2012

Pikwakanagan Annual Pow Wow August 2012

If you’d like to try out this class, free classes are held every Tuesday at the Wabano Centre at 18:00-19:00 and Thursdays at Ottawa City Hall at 7:30-8:30 [until August 29th].



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