The Challengers – July 29th – August 2nd

Good afternoon!

Andy and I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! We sure did! It consisted of relaxation and high adventure! Saturday we went garage saling with our friends Alex and Sam, you can view their blog here. Later on in the day, Andy and I were in need of some caffeine/hot beverages. So we made our way down to Locke St in downtown Hamilton; one of my favourite spots back home. What was even better was the fact that a lot of people must have gone away for the long weekend and the street was quiet and bare.

Sunday was the challenge judgement day. Just to recap, each person had to create a smoothie during the week and perfect the recipe by Sunday as my family would be the judges. Below is a individual breakdown of each of our recipes and our train of thought while purchasing ingredients.

Andy, for my smoothie I chose kale (being a kale chip lover), carrots, mango, kiwi, raspberries and freshly squeezed orange juice. Really this was my first time creating my own concoction of a smoothie. I figured that by adding a little more of the fruits would help give it more of a sweeter taste as I didn’t want it to taste to veggie. After mixing it all together and giving it a taste I found it to be tart, but not overpowering. As a man who enjoys his grapefruits I really enjoyed the tartness as oppose to a fruity sweet taste. All in all for my first time making my own smoothie I quite enjoyed it and have already made it again for a quick breakfast along with some oatmeal to get myself into gear. It’s definitely a lighter smoothie as it doesn’t contain too many heavy ingredients such as yogurt that I believe is ideal for a quick jolt of vitamins and nutrients before a good run. Just make sure you really blend it up or you’ll be munching on carrot bits.


Jazz, I tend to like things on the sweeter side but I was looking to pick an unpopular vegetable and make it pleasant in taste and appearance. The smoothie that I chose was based off of everyone’s favourite purple veggie – the beet. I can say I am honestly not a beet eater and don’t eat them for the taste. With their rich colour and rooted benefits, the beet went perfectly with some of my favour fruits and smoothie ingredients!


To make my smoothie you need the following…

1 beet (I would suggest boiling it first as it can be a bit tough to cut)
1/2 fresh blueberries
1/2 fresh raspberries
1/4 Greek yogurt
Splash of Mango Juice and Water
Squeeze of Honey

There after the judges were Jazz’s mum, sister Carly and her girlfriend Bren – we swear they were unbiased as it was a tie!



Mum liked Jazz’s, Bren liked Andy’s and Carly liked the sweetness of Jazzs and the tartness of Andys. A tasty, but fair tie. Rather than rewarding ourselves with Booster Juice or store bought smoothies we planned to do the Toronto Edge Walk around the CN Tower! Below is a photo of us dangling over Toronto!

Edge Walk Andy and Jazz

Edge Walk Andy and Jazz

Have a great week from Andy and Jazz!

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