Tortoise Training – August 5th – 11th

Hi everyone!

Out of disappointment and defeat I didn’t post last week because I did not finish my training. I usually run three times a week, two short runs and one long run. However, due to the long weekend I wasn’t able to do my predetermined 14k run… I didn’t feel like it was, ‘blog worthy’. To get my training log up to day speed… Tuesday July 30th and Thursday August 1st I ran 8.47k per run… Well, instead of dwelling on a poor training week let’s get up to speed with my past week of training!

Tuesday – Short Run 8.83k
This past weekend had be a civic holiday long weekend and everyone loves those! Who wouldn’t. The only down side was that my friends that I traveled to Toronto with had a bit too much fun and I wasn’t really sure what was going on for Monday. We usually leave early afternoon, so I got myself ready to leave around then; we didn’t leave until 4pm. I could have ran my 14k and been there in time! Oh well, it happens. The only problem was that I was thrown off my running game when I went to do my 9k on Tuesday… I felt tired and my muscles felt tight. I ended up walking A LOT. Apparently my mapping skills were off as well since I only mapped out 8.83k. Haha, I suppose you are alloted one bad run sometimes.

Wednesday – Rest Day… SIKE! Stress Run 5k
The past couple of weeks I had been covering a file at work for someone while they had been on vacation. All had been fine, I had gotten my head around the concepts and I felt I had a good handle on it. However, it is always a challenge to explain and help play catch up – that plus trying to sell Run or Dye bibs… let’s just say a 5k run was necessary to get some of my sanity back! I felt good, normal and back on track with my routine. I was able to think clearly and found my energy was channeling positively.
Even a rest day can entail running – destress and Run It!

How does stress affect you?

How does stress affect you?

Thursday – Short Run 8.83k
Since I had my weeks mapped out I know Tuesday and Thursdays I am running. So like any Thursday I went to work, went home rested a bit and then went out for a run. Since I had been feeling a tad stressed this past week I decided to take my run slow and focus more on endurance. I would love to practice my tempo runs, but I find that my muscles get tired quick when I do speed exercises. Plus, these runs and exercises are always better with a partner. For now I will run it solo at my own pace. This run was better than Tuesdays, I was able to run further, longer. It felt good, but I need to start doing more core and arm exercises.

Friday – Rest Day
Ever since I had started running I found it to become a sort of addition. This day in particular I found it a real treat because it was a rest day, no travel and I was able to catch up on some chores and bake some Madeleines 🙂

Cookie Time!

Cookie Time!

Saturday – Long Run 15k
Due to a weekend change up, Andy came to town and we stayed at his parents place in Carleton Place. He usually has to leave on Sundays to go back to work so we took advantage of our Saturday morning and embarked on a 15k run! It was nice to run some where else for a change and take in a new farm scenery – no matter how much it smelled like cow poop! Kidding, it really wasn’t that bad! We ran part of the Beckwith Trail and met some cute puppies and their owners along the way.

Beckwith Trail -

Beckwith Trail –

Our run lasted about an hour and 40mins and I was pooped by the end of it! But I was glad to have Andy running with me because it is always better to run with a partner.

Sunday – Rest Day

Definition of a Rest Day

Definition of a Rest Day

The only thing I can say to end this blog post is that… Don’t go more than four days without running… you will regret it. Run It no matter what!



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