The Challengers – August 5th – 9th

If you were to develop an allergy what would be the worst thing you could think of? Pollen? The sun? Antibiotics? … we say GLUTEN! This week we decided to walk in the shoes of a celiac. For those of you who are celiacs reading this you may think that this is a small minded challenge – but it was actually pretty hard and we tip our hats to you! For those of you who get their fill on gluten would probably find the same challenges as Andy and I did. You feel extremely restricted in food choice and you have to be aware of every product you buy. It becomes tiring reading nutrition labels, haha. Even disappointing finding out your favourite cooking sauce has wheat flour in it and you cannot use it.

How did you know what you could and couldn’t eat?
The internet proved [as always] to be a great tool in determining exactly what barriers we had. The Canadian Celiac Association has a list of What to Eat and What not to Eat.

Here are the challenges that each of us faced…

Andy, what can I say… I love my Gluten! Much like Jazz I just found it a challenge to find gluten free food. I quickly realized how many simple products contained gluten which left me in a scramble in the grocery store while wandering around on my iPhone researching gluten free products. The week carried on and I got by but because of the effort of trying to find gluten free food I found I was eating the same old breakfasts, lunches and dinners and wasn’t enjoying my meals as much. By the time Friday rolled around my system felt like it was lacking gluten. Before getting on the train to visit Jazz I got myself a fresh kale smoothie for part of my dinner. Once upon the train I got chit chatting with the guy beside me and ordered a beer with him forgetting all about my gluten free diet. Quickly I realized my mistake and acknowledged my loss Jazz. With all do respect I almost made it, but every man loves his beer and unfortunately for this challenge it got the best of me. It certainly was refreshing after a long week and not eating gluten for four days!

Jazz, I found it really hard to introduce variety into my meals. I go grocery shopping once a week and it seemed to be slim pickings as I tried to steer clear of any gluten products. Most of my meals ended up being the same thing… breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. But I did feel a lot lighter by the weekend because I didn’t have a lot of gluten weighing me down. Good short term challenge, but until I have a full time, paying career I’ll put up with some gluten.
the_challengersThanks for reading and challenging! Come back next week and see who wins the “Late Night Snack Challenge” plus the “Water Challenge”. Each participant cannot eat after 20:30 and each participant has to drink 64oz of water.

21444_10151600878653235_1423490764_nA and J

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