Tortoise Training – August 12th – 18th

Good evening all,

I was on Pinterest earlier this evening and I thought I would start my post with some light humour…6ee5a36370c9baf325d849ecf275561e
Alright! After last week’s post I had shared with you all that I had ran 15k, my furthest distance ran; a side from my 21k in May. I ran this in Carleton Place, ON, partially along the Beckwith Trail. After that, I had a great training week! I achieved great times for distances of 10k and I even found time to add in a 5k before the weekend. So here is a short break down of my week.

Monday – Short run 10.01km
This week I was able to stay on track and run every other day. Saturday I had run 15k and today I ran 10k. I felt great and I was able to run long distances, rarely walking. I was fully hydrated as I was redoing the water challenge from, the Challengers. I ran this in 1hr03mins45secs.

Tuesday – Rest Day
Today instead of doing the smart thing and resting I decided to partake in the Pow Wow Pump class at the Wabano Centre Tuesdays and Thursdays at City Hall in Ottawa. The class was quite small but it was nice because the atmosphere was very friendly and inviting. After talking to the instructor we came to realize that we know some of the same people and that I had written a blog on this class. The highlight of this night was my exposure to hoop dancing. Each year at the Pikwakanagan Pow Wow the hoop dancers are always the most interesting to watch. I picked up a few tricks and decided I wanted to try it out for myself! I now have my own set of hoops and I plan on perfecting this for next year.


The hoops I borrowed from the Wabano Centre

Wednesday – Short Run 10.17km
Continuing with the water challenge I was able to up my game and run further and faster than Tuesday! I ran a similar route, the only difference being I tried to keep my final destination more central rather than at the end of the tunnel. I completed this run in 1hour27secs.

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Short Run 5k
This coming weekend I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit a long run into my schedule. Reason being I was heading to Golden Lake, ON to participate in the Pikwakanagan Pow Wow. Before dancing the weekend away I went for a quick 5K, packed up and left.

Saturday/Sunday –  Pow Wow
Here are a few photos…

1150311_10151789367674824_597957076_n 1150887_10151789381239824_1719795970_nThanks for reading my delayed post and I hope you all come back next week!


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