The Challengers – August 12th – 16th

Good day Challengers!

It just so happens that the odds were in both mine and Andy’s favour for this week’s challenge – please excuse the Hunger Games reference… it’s a guilty pleasure. This week we decided to re-do the water challenge and throw in a no late night snacking challenge. Each person had to drink 64oz of water each day, along with no eating after 8:30pm. Below are each of our comments on last week’s challenge…

Andy, to be honest I didn’t find this week’s challenge to be too tough. There were definitely times when I had to use a little will power in handling the no eating after 8:30pm. However drinking water wasn’t all that bad besides I look like I had a bladder issue at work heading to the washroom every other hour.
When it came to not eating after 8:30 it wasn’t easy but it was mind over matter. It’s hard when the evenings are spent for running and the gym after work. By the time I’m usually done my physical activity for the evening it would be too late to have a healthy snack. Luckily I was at least allowed to have a protein shake to put a little substance in me. Let me tell you though… I sure did look forward to breakfast!
The water aspect of the challenge we had done before and I said besides making a couple more trips to the facilities I enjoy the water challenge. It really made me feel more lively an energetic when it came to the gym and running. Now I’m just waiting for Jas to suggest the beer challenge.
Jazz, I am a huge fan of snacking so I thought the “no eating after 8:30pm” would be my demise… night 1 was very difficult because you have to plan when you are going to eat, when you are going to work out and make sure you are full for the night. Needless to say by 9pm I was STARVING! As it became a routine during the week, I became more accustom to leaving my jar of peanut butter on the shelf and spoon in the drawer. I won’t lie, I wanted to stuff my face pretty well every night but I knew if I did Andy would rub it in my face!
As for the water challenge, it started out easy but as work got busier I found myself distracted and not finishing 20 some odd oz before lunch… I would be rushing to finish my water late in the evening. However, I did feel extremely hydrated and strong when it came down to training. Always a plus!

As I geekily mentioned earlier, the odds were in our favour as it was a tie! No looser, no winner… just the same scoreboard as last week.

the_challengersThank for reading!

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