Tortoise Training – August

Happy Hump Day!

I apologize for the delay in posts lately… I won’t lie it’s been a mix of being super busy and some what lazy. At least I can say I’m up to date on my training!! Last week was a iffy week for me. I had reached my max for short runs, 10k and I decided that I should take it down and work my way back up to 10k for my short runs. I also compressed my runs this week as I was busy and traveling… good idea, bad idea – I’d say a mix of both! This past Saturday I ran the most difficult 16k ever. Why was it so difficult? Keep reading to find out!

Monday – “Rest Day” – Short Run 6.08k
I knew today’s run would be a little difficult considering I had been dancing my cares away at a Pow Wow Saturday and Sunday. When I was dancing I kept form and was on my toes A LOT. It impacted my calves and I was not impressed in the slightest. I was forced to take it easy and stop for a minute to massage my calves and stretch the pain out. I forcibly finish this route in 38mins.

Tuesday – Short Run 6.08k
Today was one of those days where you really want to go running, but if you were to go running the sloth in you would emerge. I did the same route today because I knew I would miss running on Thursday and Friday. I finished this run in about 35mins – my ipod died part way through this run 😦

Wednesday – Short Run 6.08k
Today I felt less sloth like and really tried to focus on what I was putting into my body. However, I was feeling some stress from work and my unforeseeable career path – I knew I needed to blow off some steam! As opposed to pushing my limits, I kept this stress reliever run at 6.08k and finished in 35mins23secs.

Thursday – Rest Day/Packing Day

Friday – Rest Day/Travel Day
I usually try to take the ViaRail to Toronto/Hamilton but it was sold out… Greyhound it is! But my boyfriend Andy had a nice dinner that consisted of bruschetta bread and spagetti squash pasta with avocado sauce waiting for me. AND a bottle of wine! Woowoo!

Saturday – Long Run 16k
I can honestly say that Andy and I spent a large portion of our Saturday prepping to run and actually running. I usually can’t eat a lot of food before running or I will get cramps. So I ate a small portion of eggs and called it. We then waited about an hour before hitting the pavement but this run was one of the most difficult ones I’ve done in a while. I was not mentally prepared to run 16k, mid day, on a Saturday. But I told myself, I need to at least finish and get my kms in. We finished in 1hr53mins… it was grueling and my legs were done for the day – or so I thought. After we showered and decided what we would do with the rest of the afternoon we walked and walked some more. Once Andy and I got over how awful our run was, we were hyped to buy new shoes! We made our way down to the Running Room and took our time perusing and trying on shoes. We each walked out with Mizuno brand shoes. Andy got a pair of Elixers and I purchased the new Wave Sayanora runners. This active day was topped off with an all you can eat sushi dinner 🙂

Mizuno - Wave Sayanora

Mizuno – Wave Sayanora

Mizuno - Elixer

Mizuno – Elixer

I apologize for the mediocre blog post, I promise to have some more content next week!


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