Tortoise Training – August 26th – 31st

Whew, hello world!

After a long week of running I’ve changed up my routine and I would like to share this with you all! A weekend or two ago I went out for dinner with some friends, two of which are training for a full marathon this coming October. We were talking strategy and when they asked what I was doing to train I said, “Oh, just a more stretched out version of my previous training”. Then they told me about their training regime and it got me wanting to switch things up! As some of you may remember, I would run two or more short runs during the week and one long run on the weekend. After hitting the 10k mark on my shorter runs I wasn’t sure if I should keep increasing my distance… considering I am up to 16k for my long runs. So my marathoner friends sent me a link for a half marathon regime provided by the Running Room. This gauges me to finish my half marathon in about two hours. I started this on Wednesday and just finished up week nine. If you’d like the full training schedule, click here.

Sunday to Saturday

Sunday to Saturday

Let’s move on to my last week of training!

Monday – Short Run 6k
I had just returned from Toronto the night before and my butt was kicked by the horrendous 16k Andy and I attempted. It was not successful to say the least. I did everything I could to stay awake at work… eat, drink, go outside, grab a latte. But it wasn’t until I was done work that I was full of energy and ready to run. I suppose starring at a computer screen does that to a person. Tonight I decided to take it easy and just embrace the overcast sky and pull out a 6k. I finished this run in 35min12secs.

Tuesday – Short Run 6k
Have you ever had one of those days were you plan for it to be a rest day… but it is actually restless because you are itching to run? That was today. I knew I had a lot of things to do before leaving to help my parents move the following day. Ex, clean the apartment, do laundry, pack, nap… I mean run! Some how I got all of the above completed and was in bed and ready to head out the next day after work! Unfortunately, I don’t know my time for this run as my iPod died mid run 😦

Wednesday – Travel day!
Headed home to have one last sleep in my childhood home and helped my family move Thursday and Friday.

Thursday – Short Run 6k
Today was the day Andy and I decided to start the Running Room training plan. Since we started mid week we tried to make up for what we would have missed and moved out off day to Sunday. Today we ran 6k with hills and man was it hot! The temperature was in the 30+ range and you couldn’t help but sweat from every pore in your body. Luckily, my aunt and uncle live just around the corner from my parents new place and they have a pool! Such sweet relief from the heat.
This run was completed in 32mins23secs, we did this route using the run 10mins and walk 1min regime. Added bonus, I felt myself getting stronger as I ran up and down each hill 🙂

Friday – Short Run 6k
Following a different route, Andy and I did another 6k run with 10mins running and 1min walking intervals. This route was fun because I felt like I was somewhere else even though I spent 20yrs of my life in this town. We can through the survey of houses down to a path that crossed the highway and eventually made it’s way off road to a nearby cornfield. Our time wasn’t as good as yesterday’s but it could be because we went swimming the day before and had just had a nap – our muscles were in super relaxation mode. We finished this 6k in 34mins17secs.

Saturday – Short Run 5k
Finally back on track, our training schedule had a steady 5k set up for us. I’m not sure if I had gotten used to the run 10min and walk 1 min routine but I utilized it this run! Whattt, it said steady, I walk at a steady 1min pace 🙂 Before this run Andy and I went down to Locke Street in Hamilton and grabbed some Starbucks before my chiropractor appointment. There after we made our way down towards the water, hoping to take in some of the breeze from Lake Ontario and not melt like popsicles. This route started up by Dundurn Castle on York St and headed down towards the Waterfront Trail. We ran along the train tracks at Liuna Station and waved at Bay Front park as we zipped back up the stairs at the York St bridge back to the car. A visually appealing run, no doubt, right in the middle of the city! We completed this run in 28mins17secs.

Sunday – Rest Day!
Can it still be called a rest day if you are speed walking around Toronto trying to meet up with friends for a Jays Game? Haha, that’s what we did!

Let's go Jays!

Let’s go Jays!

Today was an awesome rest day because we had cheap tickets that turned out to be amazing seats, fun friends to share the magnificent weather with, beer, pop corn and bbq dinner.

The lovely Sam Payne from Our Saturdays - the garage saling blog!

The lovely Sam Payne from Our Saturdays – the garage saling blog!

As you can see, my new training schedule was a bit all over the place this week but that will change once I’ve melted into my routine. This coming week I have 5 runs planned for “Week 10” of the Running Room training plan. Come back next week to see how I fared on the dreaded 16k run!

I am going to leave you with a quote and an article from Diana Nyad, 64yr old endurance swimmer who just finished her life’s dream of swimming the 110mile passage from Cuba to Florida.

After roughly 53 hours of swimmer she was able to articulate the power of taking on dreams, “I have three messages. One is we should never, ever give up. Two is you never are too old to chase your dreams. Three is it looks like a solitary sport, but it takes a team”.



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2 Responses to Tortoise Training – August 26th – 31st

  1. Really enjoyed last weeks runs on those new trails. Always nice changing up the scenery and running on something new!

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