Tortoise Training September 8th- 14th


This past week had to have been one of the worst training weeks I’ve had in a while. Kicking off the week everything started out great, I even shaved 3 minutes off my 16k from the week before. So good, right? Then as every woman has it… I had it and my week was dragged down and my running felt really heavy. By the time Friday rolled around I was anxious for the weekend and was starting to get some discomfort in my hip and lower back area. Essentially, I felt like a grandma… I felt even worse when I would see older women running better than me!


Sunday – Long Run 16k
Today I was in Toronto with Andy, I was kind of huffy about whether or not I actually wanted to run 16k… This has become a sort of norm as of late, lazy Jazz. But I always get up and go do it and feel good that I achieved that many km in one run. The funny thing about today’s run was that since I wasn’t in the mood to do it, I felt like we were running slower than usual. It felt like we were running slower, longer ten minute intervals and had a high level of endurance. So by the time we had hit 16k I was tired but exhausted. I asked Andy what our time was and he said, “1hour28mins”. That’s three minutes less than our 16k from last week!

Monday – Travel Day
In an effort to save a bit of money, I took the train back to Ottawa at 6:40am… then went to work. BLEH, when I got back all I wanted to do was sleep and eat.

Tuesday – Short Run 5k
I think this was the last day where I felt in shape… I felt light, agile and ready to run. I had even said, “I’m tired of 5k runs… I want to run further!”. Instead of running further, I ran faster. I kept my pace quick starting out and coasted until I realized I was near the end of my run. I sprinted through the park, killing it for a time of 27mins. I had a small taste of my goal as I rolled in at 28mins08secs. I was very content.

Wednesday – Longer Run 7k
Today was when I started feeling heavy. I decided that 7k would do me good and I needed to get it done before it started getting too dark. During this run I weighed 200lbs and had legs of iron… a bit clonkier than I’d prefer. But somehow I finished in 41mins.

Thursday – Rest Day
Today I felt off my game because I was starting to experience some discomfort in my hip. After mentally arguing with myself I decided it’s probably best that I rest.

Friday – Short Run 5k
Since I took yesterday as a rest day I decided that today I should fill the gap and tackle my 6k. Only this run took me on a rough start, middle and end that I had to cut it to a 5k because I was getting so many cramps. Not a great run..

Saturday – Long Run 12k-13k
Today was the worst of the worst! I won’t lie, it felt odd doing a 12k instead of a 16k. Yet again, I was running with Andy – only this time we were in Carleton Place. We ran from in town all the way down to his cottage on the Mississippi Lake. I experienced cramps that came in waves. Off and on. I was only able to run 7k and I was not motivated to go any further. But like all things have a start, they also have a finish. We ended up walking back and it was actually kind of nice to walk, talk and just goof around. That was the highlight of this run. No finishing time required!

Side note: Ladies do not be discouraged!
“So, in theory, bloating and cramping and rotten psychological outlooks aside, some researchers say racing is ideal mid-way through one’s period. But who are we kidding, the other three factors can have disastrous effects on a race. Wouldn’t anyone, male or female, find it tough to run their best race with a stabbing headache, low back pain, and/or the feeling of your guts being wrung out?” (

See ya later alligators!


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