Tortoise Training – September 15th – 21st

This week proved to be the busiest of weeks I’ve had in awhile. Why? Because I am no longer an Ottawa based runner – I moved back to Hamilton and the training must go on! This week was full of food, last minute meet ups, good byes, file transferring and lots of email follow-ups. Did my training suffer? Continue reading below for more details.

Sunday – Rest/Pack Day
As per my training schedule today was supposed to be a long 12k run but Andy and I completed this run on Saturday instead. (See last week’s post for details). Today, was dubbed, “do everything and anything you missed before moving from Ottawa”. Where did we go? We took a walk in the Glebe [Bank St area], here there are a lot of nice small stores and bakeries. Andy is the original cookie monster so of course we found him a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. From there, we traveled to China Town and dined at a restaurant called, “The Daily Grind”. This restaurant is like a little hole in the wall café equip with plenty of space to study or just pull up a chair with a friend to chitchat. Given that we were STARVING, we got lunch. Andy had a black bean burger and for myself, a jerk chicken sandwich. I think the atmosphere trumpt the food fare. I was warned that my jerk chicken was, ‘legit’, jerk chicken and that it is really spicy. It wasn’t really spicy and each of our sandwiches was built upon some type of tea biscuit with a side of French Fries. Good for a latte but not for the hungry man lunch.

Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Monday – Run 6k

I feel like everything has been so jumbled! Mondays are usually rest days but I cannot take two days of rest – it is mentally impossible. Today was comprised of working until I drop, rushing home to run 6k then meet up with a friend for dinner. Just as the rest of my day went, I was determined to quickly finish up this run and be on my way to dinner. So I upped my game and tried to run the full 6k no breaks. I completed this run, swiftly and comfortably in 32mins

Tuesday – Short run 5k

Despite the fact that I’ve been getting sick of running 5ks, I felt really light and speedy throughout this run. However, I was apparently too distracted to notice that I hadn’t started my timer on my iPod… fail. But what I did was take my finishing time and add on my usual time that it takes me to run the distance I missed… resulting in approx 28min 5k run. I promise I won’t do that again!!

Wednesday – Short Run 6k

I was starting to get a little tired by Wednesday and my calves were starting to mull into my continuous runs. But mull as in move slowly – like molasses. Instead of tackling the full distance, I took two 1min-walking breaks to give my mully calves a chance to rest. All in all, I ran this in a steady time of 35mins – even after dining out twice in one day!

Lunch at Japanese Village

Lunch at Japanese Village

Thursday – Longer Run 8k

When I looked at my training schedule I had to do a double take. 8k? When was the last time I ran 8k? Who knows! It was kind of funny because now that it is fall, I had to plan my night differently. The sun sets earlier, it’s cooler and I needed to plan a different route – I am not comfortable running backyard trails in the dark. So I took a similar route as my 5 and 6ks only I extended it so I would loop back around down the same path back home. And once I clicked my iPod off and checked my time I realized that this 45min51sec 8k run was my last one in Ottawa for a long time.

Thanks Ottawa it’s been great! Running in the summer along the canal, the excitement of the Ottawa race weekend and all of the undiscovered pathways – You are a beautiful city to run through and around.

39f60b6bc1d4f768cfe623ffcba69a3fFriday and Saturday – Rest/Moving Days

I spent these two days saying my last good byes and packing up a U-Hhaul truck to move back home. It’s time for a new adventure and some new trails to tackle.

Until next week!


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