Tortoise Training – September 22nd – 28th

Happy October 1st!

Man, did I ever have a busy training week! What’s keeping me so busy you may ask? Well, it’s actually work! The one thing that could defer me from running. Only this work is something I truly enjoy doing – so it actually doesn’t fall in the work category. Let’s just call it, extra curricular. Essentially, I’ve been working as a Producer for a new YouTube channel called, Andy Media. Recently we released an iPhone 5S Gold Parody that went viral in a matter of days! Pretty cool, eh? We are shooting our next video this Saturday – which means so no Saturday run 😦



Let’s get back on track… This past week has been an amazing training week. As tired as my legs feel I think they have been carrying me faster and faster. Read below for more details 🙂

Sunday – Long Run 18k
The day after the biiiig move home and what do I do with my Sunday? Unpack, run 18k and stuff my face! I had been waiting for this run for quite some time – almost dreading it. The first half marathon that I ran I was feeling fatigue at 13k and even more fatigue and pain at 18k. You could only imagine my excitement for today’s run. I can honestly say I felt a bit more confident having Andy train with me through out the year. Having a running partner is key for realizing how much you have improved over the span of your training.
Once we unpacked and returned the UHaul truck, we made our way down to Hutches on the beach for a sunny, yet brisk run. This run felt like the longest thing ever – the stretch of beach/pier is awesome but when you aren’t sure how far you’ve run or how much more you have to go it gets mentally tiring. When Andy and I go running together he uses his Nike+ watch to track our km, so I’ll rely on him for our km. The toughest part about this run was running past the start point and waving at the car as we ran by. I suppose we were almost at 18k but I was about to have a fit, I was so tired. But Andy encouraged me to keep running as we only had a few more km left. Our time, 1hr39min.

Monday – Rest/Unpacking Day

Tuesday – Short Run 6k
My first official day living back home mixed with a run – small town running. Since we moved into town it has been difficult to pick a running route. There is a short path that deeks into a farmer’s field or a entire survey of houses with fruitful names such as Magnificent Way… You can hear my excitement, eh? I manoeuvered my way through the surveys of houses to complete a 6.95km run in 36mins56secs.

Wednesday – Short Run 4k
4k, where have you been all my life? It has been such a long time since I’ve been granted a 4k training day. It was both exciting and anticlimactic. I ran a total of 4.47km in 24mins46secs.

Thursday – Longer Run 8k
I’ve ran in downtown Hamilton, main street Binbrook and now downtown Toronto; all in one week! I had promised Andy that I would come see him early in the week, but we had to complete our 8k run. We ran from Andy’s place down to Sugar Beach, towards the Cherry Beach area. Our time, 43mins.

Friday – Rest day/Stuff your face day
I had bought a Groupon for a restaurant called, Fat Cats Oyster Bar, in Toronto. With this you receive one dozen oysters, an antipasto plate for two and two desserts. Well, Andy and I definitely had more than that set menu… We drank, we ate and laughed. A great rest day!

Saturday – Work day
My scheduled 6k run was changed into… let’s shoot a YouTube video instead! Like I said, one of the few things that will stop me from running is work and I cannot wait to share this video with you all!

Have a great week and look out for my new lifestyle section – coming soon!!


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