Tortoise Training – September 29th – October 5th

Happy October!

Fall training is under way and as of today I have 13 days until the Scotiabank Half Marathon! Am I ready? You bet I am! Don’t forget, I’ve been raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society; please click here to donate!

82712c766ef09820aae131257dc285c4Let’s get on to the training…

Sunday – Long Run 20k
In the next coming weekends my weekends are going to be jam packed full of wedding festivities and food! However, I’ve been wanting to run this 20k before the race. So this weekend looked to be the most convenient time to run it. I swapped an 18k for a 20k and it was amazing but frustrating at the same time. Andy and I created a route that ran along Lakeshore, down by Exhibition Place and we looped back around when we hit Budapest Park near the Gardiner Express Way. When we hit 10k I felt really good but like I needed a stretch. By the time we were getting closer to our starting point down by Sugar Beach, I began to feel as though I had no meat on my bones and I became frustrated. I couldn’t believe we had another three more kilometers – it felt like we had been running ALL day! In retrospect, it was only 1hour51mins out of the day. A solid run.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Short Run 6k
Despite the fact it is now October… it’s been hot. Today was a 6k run and the route I usually take has me run just under 7k. But I was feeling a little lazy and cut it down so I would be more in the 6.18k region – I finished this in about 35mins.

Wednesday – Short Run 4k
Today was hot and humid – a gorgeous day, but not the best for running. Luckily I only had to run 4k and not 8k. Geared up in summer clothes I completed this run in 24min22secs.

Thursday – Longer Run 8k
Like last week, I made my way to Toronto to run with Andy/spend some time with him because I was heading to Ottawa for my friend’s bachelorette party on Saturday. Neither of us really wanted to run 8k, but it had to be done. We ran down towards the water down towards Cherry Beach. Once we hit 4k I felt good but ever since we started the 10min run, 1 min walk routine I’ve gotten used to having at least one walk break. So we ran 4k, walk 1min and ran the other 4k back. We completed this run in 41mins31secs.

Friday – Rest/Travel Day
I traveled solo to Ottawa and tried not to go crazy singing Motown by myself. I also decided that before I left I would make my down lunch because I hate road trips when all there is to eat is JUNK. No thank you, I will pack my own lunch 🙂

Fall in Ottawa - my hotel was near the nature museum

Fall in Ottawa – my hotel was near the nature museum

When I got into Ottawa I lazily checked into my hotel, ate some fruit and met up with my old roommate, Vivian for dinner. We ate at, Ahora, a Mexican resto in the Byward Market.

Tacos con pollo !

Tacos con pollo !

Saturday – Bachelorette Fun Day!
Need I say more?

The lucky bride to be!

The lucky bride to be!

Thanks for reading! I plan on having more content posted before week’s end… including some yummmy/informative superfood recipes!


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