Coming up to Race day… I RAN IT!

Wow, I cannot believe that race day has come and gone already! I’ll get into race day specifics but first I’d like to outline my last week of training and how hard it was NOT to run on the rest days leading up to the race. According to my running room schedule this was what I was to run and not run this week…
Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 8.56.48 PMThis week was hard because I was so used to running further distances and more frequently. But I decided to stay relatively dedicated to it.

Sunday – Day Off

Monday – Run 6.18km
I swapped my Sunday for my Monday and I stuck around home this part of the week and took a run around town. I found that this 6km was swift and quick. My body was excitedly anticipating Sunday and I just wanted to run the 21k. I completed this run in 31mins55secs.

Tuesday – Run 10.26km
Like night and day the quality of my run changed completely. I ran this one in Binbrook and for some reason I had a really hard time staying focused. I think it could have been because I ran the same route I usually do, but twice. BORING! But I managed to finish this in 1hour02mins25secs.

Wednesday – Run 5km
So far so good, I ran 5k instead of 6k – I don’t quite remember why but that’s okay. I make up for it later 🙂 I finished this run in about 27mins.

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Run 5km
The day before race day!! OMG, the race is tomorrow! I am so pumped! Andy and I had one more run to do and our race packs to pick up. Our schedule listed today as a 3km run, but we wanted to run to the Sports Expo to pick up our kits. So far I’ve run four races and I’ve never been to a single Expo; it was cool to see how many sponsors and runner take part. In our packs we received coupons, samples, an awesome tshirt and a few other goodies. The rest of the day we spent resting, watching Dexter and eating soup and anything in site really… We finished this 5k in under 27mins.

Sunday – RACE DAY 21.1km
Last night we set out our race kit, supplies and clothes for the race. In the morning Andy made eggs with a bagel and avocado and I had oatmeal and a banana. A nice healthy breakfast.
1377184_10151751502978235_2069166893_nWe were very lucky to be able to walk down to the start line. Our race was scheduled to start at 8:45am, however Andy and I had signed up for the purple coral and didn’t start until after 9am at least -.-.

Waiting to start the race

Waiting to start the race

Once the whistle blew for us to start we had to wheel our way in and out of the crowd; we developed a ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘straight’ method of keeping together. Having looked at the map before heading out, we knew that we would go around a bend at the 12k mark heading back into the city centre to finish. I can honestly say I felt much more prepared for this half marathon and much more confident because I wasn’t running alone. I especially enjoyed the fact this there was little to NO elevation on this route.

The participants!

The participants!

Two personal set backs I found were…
1) Trying a different power gel – I tried out a Vega Power Gel at around 11k. By the time I was at 13k my stomach was aching and I experience prangs of pain. Luckily I was able to surpass this!
2) Not picking up the pace in the last 5k – I felt my legs were getting heavy around 16k so I paced myself. But I also found that it felt like Andy and I were just crushing each km; it was a smooth race. However, I wish I would have picked up my pace, I really wanted to finish under 2hrs.
3) Believing in my speed and signing up for a faster coral – Andy and I signed up for the purple coral [about second last] as we weren’t sure what our time would be. It was frustrating having to deek through so many people just to get into a smooth running pace. Next time hit the 2hour mark and bump up corals.

Finishing time: 2hours07mins19secs


DO YOU EVEN RUN BRO? – Inbox me should you want one of these tanks!

After this two hour trek, Andy and I came home and took, what felt like, the BEST showers ever! Thereafter, we prepped the crock pot with a delicious veggie stew and met up with friends for some celebratory drinks. All and all, an amazing day and I would definitely run the Scotiabank half marathon… hopefully the full marathon next year!

BYhdfzDCcAA0ZaI.jpg_largeWhat’s next on Run It ?

Once I’ve gotten over this on going cold, I’m going to continue with with my new Superfood Cuisine page and I will be getting ready to train come end of November for the Hamilton Around the Bay 30k Road Race. I cannot wait!

We all know what time of year it is… so bundle up on your outdoor runs!


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  1. Looking forward to you getting over your cold and doing some long runs together! Bring it on Around the Bay 30K!

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