Winter Training, Week 2 – 30k Around the Bay – March 2014

Whaaaat a holiday! I’m full of joy and sooo much food; specifically chocolate! But hey, it’s good for the heart! This week will mark Week 2 of my Around the Bay training. I felt like this week was a lot easier as I was allotted three days off. The only rough part was rolling my turkey weight to the gym. Anyways, here are some more details!

1515011_10151891934093235_1721294254_nSunday: Today was supposed to be a 10k run, however Andy was heading to Ottawa the next day so I wanted to spend some time with him and hang out. So today we met up with two of our friends, Sam and Alex. We drank some warm beverages and exchanged gifts.

Monday: The beginning of the week… and trust me I started early. Today I worked at Starbucks at 5:30am-2pm and then decided that it didn’t look too bad outside for a run. I strapped on my Garmin and took on the windy and snowy conditions and ran. I thought that it would be good to try a new route so I would refrain from getting bored of routine. However, some areas were still covered in ice or ice particles so it made for a very alert run. I ran for 5km, walked 1min and ventured on. Eventually I started to realized that a lot of residential areas weren’t as large as I remembered them to be, so I cut my run short and came in at 9km in 55mins47secs.

Tuesday: CHRISTMAS EVE! A day for cheese, wine, chocolate and family. Before all of that I thought I would hit the gym and get some work done. According to my schedule I was supposed to run 7km, but yesterday’s 9km wore me out a little bit.

Wednesday: CHRISTMAS! Sorry, I was busy stuffing my face and napping 🙂

Thursday: BOXING DAY! Today was a buuuusy day. I opened at Starbucks this morning and considering most of the population was asleep, suffering from a turkey hangover I was able to take my time and be a sleepy barista. Until… people started coming in non-stop. So I was glad to get out of there at 2pm and go to the gym for a nice 8km, unfortunately on the treadmill. I ran for a total of 45mins and I took 6mins from this run to walk.

Friday: Today was a day off and I was in the car and on my way to Ottawa to spend some time with Andy and his family.

Saturday: Every winter in Ottawa the Rideau Canal is turned into this MASSIVE skateway! Thinking I was smart, I told Andy that we didn’t have to go running and that we could go skating instead. Which would have been an amazing idea, if it hadn’t been so mild. So instead of enjoying a day outside, skating this 7.8km skateway and making hot chocolate and beavertail breaks in between we were reduced to running on the treadmills the YMCA. 😦 Since I believe that treadmills are sexist and were build for men, I ran for an hour to ensure that it would be up to my 10km expectations.

canal_skatingcrowd_0If you are lucky enough to be in Ottawa, or going to Ottawa, here is the link for the website. Be sure to check if it is open before embarking and this great activity!


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