Winter Training, Week 4 – 30k Around the Bay – March 2014

photo 2-2Holy man, it’s already Week 4 of my training – it has felt like I’ve been training for ages! Oh wait, it’s been just over a year of training for me and who knows when it’s going to stop!! Now reflect on your achievements and give yourself a pat on the back 🙂
While looking back on this week of training I became a little frustrated because it looks like I am all over the place… aside from my 16k run on Saturday. But I was a bit more lenient than I would like to be. But you will read more details as to why I felt that way below!

Sunday: Today was supposed to be 45mins of hills – um, that didn’t happen, haha! After have been away since after Christmas I really needed some clothes, some puppy cuddles and family hang outs. I went home

and then turned back towards Toronto in the midst of a brutal snow storm -.- But, I’M ALIVE!!

Monday: For some reason today I had a hard time eating. I either didn’t have an appetite because I felt nauseous or I felt completely full. Weird, right? So I wasn’t took surprised that when I was running my 7k later in the evening I stopped at 36mins. Since my Garmin doesn’t pick up a signal at the indoor track I gauge my distance by my time.

Tuesday: Zumba night! Shake it!

Wednesday: Today seemed like a good day to visit my family, sleep in my own bed and do my interval training. However this plan was foiled because I had a grueling 2hr drive home. Waaaaah 😦

Thursday: Today was a good day and I was excited to run 6k… Whoops I actually ran 7k! Out of a memory lapse I ran for around 44mins – this is a guesstimate as my watch battery is dead. The track was busy tonight so I had to be aware of all of my surroundings and fellow runners.

Fphoto 3-2riday: Today was an off day!! Woohoo! Carboloading with sushi!

Saturday: Today is the day that I run 16k. Today’s weather was rainy, wet and soon to be icy. I just want to run outsideeee!!! But I ran a slow and steady 16k in an 1:40mins. I felt like I was at the track for ages and that it would never end. And that’s why I rewarded myself with a Very Berry Refresher from Starbucks.
It was actually kind of funny because I was wearing my Scotiabank Half Marathon tshirt and there was another girl wearing the same one. The running community is such a large community!

Until next time!


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Half Marathoner trying to put a few more races under her belt before taking on a full marathon. I avidly research different running products/gear and articles pertaining to the joy of running. I also enjoy traveling, reading, languages, and good food!
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