Winter Training, Week 5 – 30k Around the Bay – March 2014

Reflecting on Week 5 of my training it was actually quite relaxing comparing to Week 6… that I will hopefully write tomorrow 🙂 I’ve been thinking that this training plan is moving at a quicker pace than I’m able to keep up with. It’s become to tedious to run Thursday, Saturday and Sunday or Friday Saturday and Sunday. I’m taking the reigns and instead of horses, I’ll be the one running.

Sunday: Since the day before I ran a 16k on the indoor track I thought it would be smart to ditch the 12k today and hit the weight room. It felt nice to do abs because it felt like I haven’t done it in awhile. Felt a bit of, “the burn”. Andy has been following a plan that apparently Ryan Reynolds uses and I did a couple of the things he was supposed to do… Like bench press – I felt this for a week!

Monday: OFF NIGHT! What do I do? … How about more weights? I was still sore from the night before but it’s actually really hard for me to say no and stay home.

Tuesday: I was super excited for this run because Andy said he would run with me! I say this because he has been having problems with his feet, so he’s had to take some time off the track. For dinner we had some bread, some soup  and called it a late night run at the track. We completed 10k in 52mins! I felt great about this because my first registered race was in 2012 and it was a 10k. My finishing time was 1hour04mins and two years later I’m able to crush 10k in 52mins; I’ve gone down by 12mins 🙂

Wednesday: Ditched the gym and ate a loooooot of chicken taco pizza!

Thursday: Tonight was supposed to be an off night, but I was fat and full of pizza – Zumba was a must.

Friday: Tonight I had to get back to the track, but the nice thing about tonight is that I was pretty well the the only runner out on the track. No passing people, or being passed by others… I was queen of the track! I ran 10k in 55min36secs and had a leisurely time.
image-26Saturday: Trying to be the responsible, I ditched the planned 10k for weights – tomorrow is a looooong run. Then I went and bought a pair of ridiculously awesome Craft running tights from the running room 🙂 Sooo much wind resistance!


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