Winter Training, Week 6 – 30k Around the Bay – March 2014

You know how a lot of runners describe, “the wall”, and how they all get discouraged, annoyed and unmotivated when they hit it? This week of training I’ve been smashing my head against this wall without a realistic thought of what I was actually doing to my body – I was wearing down my body on an extreme level. Since it lasted an entire week I’m going to go ahead and call it the Great Wall, like the one in China. Long, curvy and never-ending.

Sunday: I’ve been itching to run outdoors since we got hit with the first, second and third snow storms. I truly appreciate the indoor track at the YMCA but it can be so constricting. It’s like when you wake up in the morning and need the ENTIRE bed to stretch – I needed all of Lakeshore to stretch. This was a tough run because the weather was snowy, cold and windy enough that I was almost blown off my feet on more than one occasion. I started down Jarvis street and hit Lakeshore, I decided to run to the west end of Toronto because I could run straight for a longer distance. However, the wind was not in my favour. I fought the wind until I hit 7k, then I turned around and ran east until I hit 14k and looped back towards home. In total I ran 17k, just shy of my goal of 18k… but once you run our Kleenex it gets difficult to keep your snot at bay. My time was 1hour47mins.

Monday: After that run yesterday I was NOT even thinking about using my legs. Instead I did weights at the gym and simulated some different muscles in my body.

Tuesday: Back to the track! I was feeling speedy tonight and I pumped out an 8k in 41mins11secs.

Wednesday: I was a little disappointed today. I was super excited to see that there was Zumba tonight – according to the online schedule – and I was super excited because the class wouldn’t be until 8pm. Rest time is the best time. When it came time for my class I was disappointed to find out that it was some kind of belly dance/aerobic/yoga hybrid that did not make me sweat.

Thursday: Tonight was supposed to be a night off but I switched it up so I wouldn’t die on Sunday’s next long run. I ran by myself and I felt light, slightly speedy and confident in my overall approach to this 10k run. 20140201-002630.jpgAs per usual, sans musique, I ran and ran until I hit that 10k mark only to find Andy already waiting for me to finish. I checked my time and smiled, well that’s an amazing time considering I was running solo! This 10k was 54mins, last week Andy and I ran like beasts and finished it in 52mins. I consider this an amazing time because it shows that I’ve upped my solo stamina. I still rely on Andy as a running partner, however it is nice to know I can kill it on my own.

Friday: Oh, Friday… that TGIF. This is where the wall got so high I couldn’t even scale it to cross the finish line. For some reason, on my ride home today, everyone was driving so ridiculous that it put me in a mood. I carried this mood with me to the gym. Tonight was supposed to be a 12k (Saturday’s 12k), but getting to the gym was a challenge… it’s cold out, I don’t want to go, I want to eat everything, I just don’t want to run. When I got there I was immediately annoyed by everyone within the vicinity of the track – this included fellow runners, kids playing basketball, adults playing volleyball and all their noise. This sounds terrible, but it’s all true; stupid Great Wall of Running. Andy was running with me tonight and I was apologizing and then complaining about something else after – I couldn’t focus on my run and over all I was TIRED. Way too tired to run 12k, way too tired to think about running 12k and way too tired to waste my time at the gym. So Andy and I decided that since there was a Wall in the way that it was best to call it quits at 6k and say that we at least did something rather than nothing. As if it was a cure, as soon as we walked out of the gym I was in a better mood. We ordered a pizza, relaxed and watched the Hobbit. All I wanted to do was to be the Hobbit that lives under the Wall that got to sleep, eat, read and smoke out of a cool pipe.

Saturday: 148226_10151958811268235_249152082_nThis Wall was still taller than me today so I didn’t even think about working out. It was almost refreshing. It would have been exactly that had Andy and I not scheduled to shoot a YouTube video today. For this video we were delivering pizzas to the homeless in an effort to create a humanitarian style viral video. It’s been a hit! Click here to watch it.

Watch out for my next post, the wall is up to my knee and I’m back on track.


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