Winter Training, Week 10 – 30k Around the Bay – March 2014

Eastport bridge in Hamilton, ON

Eastport bridge in Hamilton, ON

What is good boys and girls?
After accomplishing my furthest run, so far, this past weekend this training week was a bit more relax as I need to recuperate. I even took Family Day off! (For those of you who know me would know that I rarely take time off). Along with my training I under went some hair changes as well!

Sunday: After running 24k and hosting a drinks night on Saturday, Andy and I were ready to relax. Obviously not as relaxed as my parents were in St. Marteen, but hey, home is home – this is code for we ordered pizza and watched shows all night 🙂

Monday: FAMILY DAY! This is also code for sleeping in, hanging with the family for a bit and then hit the grocery store.

Tuesday: Too bad I couldn’t of had a four day weekend! Back to work and back to the track. It’s still been crappy weather here in Toronto, so it’s difficult to have an evening run. Originally I was supposed to run 9k, unfortunately I was still tired and or lazy from my 24k. I decided to do a bit of speed training; 1k increments with a total distance of 5k. I found this session to go by quicker than usual, obviously because I was sprinting, but I felt more focused and organized. I would run 1k, stop for a water break, run the next and so on until 5k. My finishing time was 26mins37secs.

Wednesday: Flats and hills, flats and hills. ChugggaChugga Chooo. To keep myself sane I’ve come to liking mixing my incline training with flat runs. First, I run 5k on the track, you know get the easy part over with; I ran this in 27mins38secs. Second, I hit the treadmills and run for 30mins using the interval training setting. Boom, you get your kms in and you prep yourself for some hilly terrain.

Thursday: Took this night off and had a nice dinner with Andy 🙂 Mmm, curried fish and asparagus.



Friday: This was a work/travel day. I put in my 8hrs at the job and then headed home to Hamilton to go to the salon. There I had all my hair chopped off! WOAH! Brave and stupid all wrapped into one, I suppose.

Saturday: I’m not sure about you all, but I am so sick and tired of this “polar vortex” joke. It’s messing with my training and my training routes! Today Andy and I were in Hamilton and planned to try and run 26k.



We started out by the Hamilton Beach Front all bundled up to face the Lake effect winds; it was still freezing. This run was actually one of the most annoying runs I’ve done. I say that because despite the cold, there were still HUGE puddles strewn along the path from the warmer weather we had earlier this week. 20140303-221825.jpgWe were slowed down by this and when we hit Burlington we were only at 9k and the rest of the path was ice. So frustrating. Oh well, we motivated ourselves by saying we would do 18k, call it a day and grab some fries from Hutches on the beach before we left for home. That I can say was the better part of that 2hour1min04sec run from city to city.

Still struggling with this concept of winter running, but I will not let it get the best of me. See you soon Around the Bay, preferably not in polar like temperatures!


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