Winter Training, Week 11 – 30k Around the Bay – March 2014

I’m still behind!! This post pertains to Week 11, but I’m training on Week 13! I deepest apologies – I have about two weeks left of training, o-m-g! But Week 11 was a great training week, continue reading below to find out why!

Sunday: Yesterday Andy and I ran that 18k from the Hamilton Beach Front, across the Burlington Sky Way Bridge and into downtown Burlington! Our goal had been to run 26k, but the snow was melting and the sky was falling… we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. So today we rested, ate some cake for my sister’s birthday and then headed back to Toronto to get back into the swing of things before the work week began.

Monday: After taking a look at my week, I decided that it was FULL of cardio and that I needed to add in some weights. Tonight I did back and chest, and ended it off with an intense ad work out. I find that since I don’t focus as much on my core I get pretty sore the next day.
Personal goal: Focus on core strenthening, you run too much!

20140311-230905.jpgTuesday: I’ve been waiting for this night for about a month now! At the Toronto YMCA they have been planning a Megathon to raise money for the YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign and each of the classes they offer are extended in to a long megathon. Obviously my Megathon choice was the 2hour ZUMBA Megathon! It was a lot of fun and we were also introduced to a new classes offered by the YMCA called Bokwa. Bokwa incorporates dance and sign language; you dance out numbers and letters. Mid Zumba we all stopped for a break to partake in a quiz – I won a David’s Tea giftcard 🙂20140311-230928.jpg

Wednesday: Today was BEAUTIFUL! Cold, but the sun was shining until at least 6:30pm, I swear! When Andy got home from work his nose and cheeks were pink and he developped a confused face as I asked him if we could run outside tonight. We decided to take an old route down to Cherry Beach. By the time we got down there it was dark and we didn’t forsee the path being iced over; silly, silly! To make up for that we made a few detours around Queens Quay and the downtown to make a chilly 10k in 58mins21secs. I felt so good after this run, while at the same time super itchy!

Thursday: More cold weather? I’m seriously over this whole polar vortex, when will it cease? I took shelter at the gym in yet another Zumba class!

Friday: A nice night off!

Saturday: I think it appropiate to dub this day, “The Most Productive Day, EVER”, voice overed by NPH. Today I was in dire need of clothes, home, a chiropractor appointment, crafts and a latte. I started the morning by heading into Hamilton to go to the chiropractor. It had been a while since I had last been; my shoulder and foot had been bothering me. Andy and I got some lattes and enjoyed them in the shelter of the Starbucks on Locke St – aka one of my favourite areas in Hamilton. Thereafter, I grabbed some stuff from home and to my surprise my dad was around – he was sick, but he was there! After a quick visit Andy and I headed back to Toronto, we had decided to eliminate any exercise from today so that we could relax and get some personal projects done. Let me tell you, I did a lot!
20140311-230939.jpgI think I may have mentioned this before, but naan bread is my favourite and I have been determined to make my own for awhile… it was deliciously successful! In addition to that I tried out a new crepe recipe that is lighter than your average recipe. It turned out deliciously successful as well! For more on this light crepe recipe click here.20140311-230950.jpg
Once I got all of my baking out of my system, as promised to Andy, I started wood etching a burnt design onto one of his blank skateboards. It turned out really nice!

I may or may not have had a few drinks Saturday… but check back for my Week 12 training to see how everything worked out for me!


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