Winter Training, Week 12 – 30k Around the Bay – March 2014

This training week was long, dedicated and sore. Long, because I thought the week would never end. Dedicated, because I made sure I worked out and sore, because by the end of it my thighs were so heavy! Needless to say, I took a break or two through out the week annnnd some TLC.

Sunday: Round and round and round we ran. Who will stop us, no one can! …Okay, maybe we can stop ourselves, but that’s it! This winter has gone on too long and when I found out that running the track was about my only option I was so discouraged. I’m tired of running in circles and looking at the same four corners and sometimes the back of the same heads. I didn’t push myself too hard because I know that I can already fun 20k, so I pulled a 2hour03mins04secs today. However, after the run my feet were killing! Especially my right; most likely from running in the same manner for 2hours. None the less, I soaked my feet in Epsom salts and called it a night.

Monday: Night off! ZzzzZZZzzz!

Tuesday: My training schedule said I should run 10k tonight, but after that mundane 20k on Sunday I decided to go with a short 5k instead. This run was a sloooow paced 32mins43secs. My thighs were extremely sore and I had trouble finding the energy to carry the heaviness I was feeling in my legs.

Wednesday: It’s funny because when I was a kid, I used to HATE track and field. Now I find myself on the track 3-4times a week. Irony. Tonight was hills night. Andy and I ran 5k on the track, 28mins20secs and 30mins on the treadmill for incline training.

20140320-225600.jpgThursday: Just about the end of the week and I am done. Done, done like dinner! It must have been a mix of working, running, being busy and not sleeping enough; but I felt terrible. I woke up and wanted to immediately pull the covers over my face and hide – work was the last thing on my mind. But, I made it to work and worked like a zombie all day until I got home and put on my pjs. Merci, et bonne soiree!

Friday: Feeling a tad more rejuvenated I went to work and after work I headed to Hamilton to see a few friends and spend the night at my parents. I actually ended up doing 15mins of cardio and a bit of weights – YES! For home gyms!

20140320-225531.jpgSaturday: I spent a bit of time with my parents before heading back to Toronto. It was nice to just hang out and move at a different pace. In the late morning I picked up my friend Lily and we headed into the city; she was in need of a ride to the GO Station, I would also see her later tonight. Once I got in, Andy was waiting for me to get home so we could go adventure! Today we went to the St. Lawrence Market. We poked around, ate some food, bought some veggies and then went on to Mountain Equipment Coop where I bought  a Cliff brand 20140320-225548.jpgpower gel… some kind of raspberry flavour. I figure I will need one or two for the Around the Bay, why not test one out! Later that night we met up with Lily and her boyfriend Trevor for dinner and some Snooker 🙂

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Half Marathoner trying to put a few more races under her belt before taking on a full marathon. I avidly research different running products/gear and articles pertaining to the joy of running. I also enjoy traveling, reading, languages, and good food!
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