FINAL WEEK – Winter Training, Week 15 – 30k Around the Bay – March 2014

Omggggggg, the race, the race! This is my last week of training and it honestly wasn’t that eventful. Well it was to me because I got to watch my tv shows, sew, read… but it’s something I’m sure you all don’t want to read much into!

Pre-finish line photo at the sports expo

Pre-finish line photo at the sports expo

Sunday: Cheers to my last long run before the big race day! Sans Andy, I ran 15k in 1hr28mins. I was having some cramping troubles in the first bit of this run up until about 10k; brutal, right? So at this marker I ate some dried cranberries, drank some water and pushed on. I actually felt a heck of a lot better after that!

Monday: To get my kilometres up, I ran OUTDOORS, [I love that I can almost do this now], and I chalked up an 8k.

Tuesday: Took the night off.

Wednesday: Andy had to get back on his feet before Sunday, so he decided to join me for an 8k; again, running OUTDOORS! We struggled a little bit because of his knee, but the whole point of having a running partner is to help one another. So we took an easy 8k.

Thursday: Took the night off.

20140330-214655.jpgFriday: After work I headed Starbucks for a road latte and then into Hamilton to pick up race kits and see some friends. Since I was the only person available to pick up kits out of my friends and my dad, I walked out of the sporting expo at the First Ontario Centre with a total of six race kits! I looked like a hoarder! But that’s okay because our race swag was soooo nice! We each received our bib, chip, new balance hat and jersey. I felt pretty spoiled. Later that evening I met up with my friends Lily and Alisha to… carbo load for Sunday? LOL eat, eat and eat some more.

Saturday: 20140330-214720.jpgThis felt busier than a Monday, I needed to get a bunch of stuff done today so I would be ready for the race… tomorrow! Firstly, I woke up and drove across town to go to the chiropractor to get everything aligned before the race. Secondly, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up ingredients for the pot of gumbo I was making for everyone (Andy, Callum, Katherine, my dad and brother). Thirdly, go for a quick 5k and shower. Fourthly, cook the gumbo and paleo bread before I picked everyone up from across town. Fifthly, drive across town to pick up everyone from the bus station. Sixthly, finish 20140330-214731.jpgthe gumbo, eat the gumbo, relax and hydrate the rest of the night. I would say it was a success consider I accomplished all of my tasks. The BIG task at hand would take place the next day and I will give you a race review in my next post!


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