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Alright, after some reading, some planning and coordination of calendars I’ve created a training plan for my upcoming Road to Hope, Half Marathon. Race day is November 2nd and I can honestly say I am NOT going to pressure myself into intense training. Reason I say that is because I found that while I was disciplined whilst training previously, I found that I left little time for other things… such as sitting inside and typing a blog on a rainy day. I am going to training when I can, when I want and try not to stress about not performing as well because at the end of the day I’m already two half marathons and one 30k in! 🙂

Here it is boys and girls…
Road to Hope training planTo catch you up to speed of what I have done already – which isn’t much- I’ll go through last week.

Sunday – I would have LOVED to run today, it was gorgeous! However this weekend Andy and I headed up to Ottawa for a wedding. Dancing counts as cardio right? So, today, we had to drive back to Toronto after grabbing breakfast with friends. A long car ride on a beauty of a day is always depressing.

Monday – I finally got Andy to come for a run with me!! We explored our new neighbourhood and discovered that York actually has a lot of running trails. Score! We ran 6.47k.

Tuesday – Today I was solo but ready to just rack up the kms. When we first moved to our new apartment I went on Google Maps to see what was in the area. There is this huge park with a dog park, soccer fields, tennis courts and an awesome trail – Cedarvale Park. This route is nice on a hot day because there is a lot of tree cover and if you love trail running and live in the city, this could you for you. This route is about 6.47k as well.

Wednesday – As hard as it was I made myself stretch, nap and eat today. It felt gooood.

Thursday – Today was a funny day… I won’t get into specifics, but I will say that I was supposed to go running… but didn’t go running.

Friday – Today was supposed to be a 9k endurance run, however like most important things… there is never enough time in the day ! Tonight we were heading to Hamilton for Supercrawl – this is a huge street festival in Hamilton that showcases local art, music, shops, food, you name it! Tonight the Arkells were playing, so I took a 6.47k run through Cedarvale to make it in time for these guys. It was an awesome night 🙂

Saturday – Rest day… aka Jazz goes crazy because she’s not supposed to work out but she wants to. It can become a problem haha!

Well, this plan is tailored to me – However feel free to use it as a model for yourself and I’ve also posted a few links below to help out anyone looking for a training plan!


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