Road2Hope Half Marathon Results

I’m a couple days late, but what can I say? I’ve been resting!

IMG_4122Man, Road2Hope was such an amazing race! Andy and I completed the half marathon in 2:03:39 and I couldn’t be happier! That’s my best half marathon time yet 🙂 Happiness all around.

This race became more important to me as a few weeks prior as I decided to dedicate this race to someone; something I had never done before. I’ve trained, fundraised, and trained some more for many races, however I wasn’t sure anyone would really care if I ran for them. After some reflection I came to realize that a commitment to exert your body, practice a skill and run your ass off for someone does mean something. It shows your love, appreciation and dedication to your skill and the person you are performing for. The Road2Hope Half Marathon was run for my Uncle who had recently been diagnosed with hairy cell leukaemia. A scary thing for a big guy like him. More recently my uncle has undergone his second round of treatment and has been responding well. Heck, he even made Thanksgiving dinner for his family and is going fishing this weekend! Hard work, patience and strength has paid off for this guy. I told him I would continue to run for him and as he likes to put it, “Jimmy, run another 10k for me, I need to loose 5lbs!”. Anything for you 🙂

I’m no doctor, I’m no saint and I’m not a professional athlete – I’m a woman, a niece and a runner.

IMG_4120Now onto the race details… The best thing about this race was that a large portion of it happened to be down hill. Completely opposite from the agonizing hills that were in the Around the Bay 30k. With that said, I did find this to be hard on my knees… something I didn’t notice until after the race. Andy and I were able to run consistently for 13k, at this point I needed a minute or two walking break to catch my breath and then we were off!
Prior to this race I had created a training plan for myself that I followed quite loosely – Andy hadn’t trained in awhile so he was having some knee problems, but managed to finish the race in a spectacular time! Plus, when he did need to rest he was fully capable to catch up to me along the way; superhero like, don’t you think?
Then we come to the finish line. You’re up to your eyeballs in adrenaline, your clothes drenched in sweat and the pure satisfaction of seeing the word, “FINISH”. As we ran up to this point a volunteer was in the middle of the track advising runners to slow down… someone had collapsed at the finish line. There was a back log of runners all waiting to cross the finish line. In a blur of confusion and still without a running watch, I asked a bystander for the time, 10:26am. I looked to Andy, so what is our time? How will we get our time? A moment or two later I took in my surroundings, there was an ambulance present and talk of emergency responders performing CPR on the casualty. The race volunteers came to realize that this backlog of runners would not help the emergency responders and they diverted the finishers around the fallen runner and out the way. I was extremely impressed by the organization, collected manner taken by the organizers/volunteers and the hard work that the emergency responders put forth to try and save this runner’s life.
Unfortunately, this runner did not make it and I wish to further my condolences to his family and friends. This type of incident is common in the running world, however you never expect to see it first hand. It has opened my eyes to the necessity of being aware of my body, runners around me and thankful that I have my CPR/AED certification so that in such a situation I will not be useless; I will be prepared.

Congrats to those who participated in Road2Hope and I can’t wait to run this race again next year!



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Half Marathoner trying to put a few more races under her belt before taking on a full marathon. I avidly research different running products/gear and articles pertaining to the joy of running. I also enjoy traveling, reading, languages, and good food!
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