About Me

163586_10151442689088235_894423347_nName: Jasmin Glaw (jasminleigh)
Age: 24
Height: 5’4
Weight: 113lbs
Goal: Participate in two more half marathons and complete a full marathon in 2014.

Completed Races:
Ottawa Race Weekend 10K
Hamilton Around the Bay 5K Road Race
Toronto Goodlife Fitness Half Marathon
ScotiaBank Toronto Water Front Half Marathon
Hamilton Around the Bay 30k Road Race

This blog originated from training preparation for the Toronto Good Life Half Marathon that was held on May 5th 2013. My first blog topic is entitled, “The Speedy Procrastinator”. Reason being, I had a month and a few weeks to get some real training in before first Half Marathon. I performed my training all while I was wrapping up my last year the University of Ottawa and working on a Student Contract with the government. From this, I learned how to further manage my time, push myself and also to listen to my body.

I truly believe that running is a lifestyle and it consumes a large portion of your life. So if you enjoy it, Run It !



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Garmin Connect jasminleigh
Twitter: @jasminleigh
Instagram: jasminleigh
Tumblr: runit24


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