Welcome to the Lifestyle page of Run It !

Thank you for taking the time to explore the different pages and I hope that you have found more than one thing that sparks your interest. On this page you will read about a variety of topics. These topics range from personal challenges, at home work outs, recipes, ways to save and fitness class schedules.

Below is a brief description of the sub categories listed thus far…

Fitness with Savings:

I will share tricks of the frugal trade of keeping in shape and saving a few dollars at the same time. There are tons of hidden gems of work out routines, free/inexpensive classes and various ways to keep your body moving. It will take a lot of research so any information you have to help would be much appreciated and followed with kred! A lot of my posts will concern the Ottawa and Toronto area as I travel regularly between the two. Each city will be categorized in an orderly fashion so you, the readers, don’t have to mull through it all.

The Challengers:
Featuring Andy Wood (

The clean eating/active lifestyle challenge is on! Boyfriend vs Girlfriend! Who will slip up? Check in with us each week.

To give you all some insight, Andy and I decided that the best way to ensure that we eat healthy and work out regularly all the time was to do it together. However, given that we aren’t living in the same city some incentive had to be provided. That was when we decided to pick a food and allow only one slip up until the weekend. While the rest of the week we still have to consume healthy food. In addition to this, we will put together fitess challenges to help with our training.


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